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The Perfect One! ; Bioderma Sensibio
Was looking for a water base face spray to refresh myself and freshen and moisten my face during the day and chance upon the Bioderma Sensibio Range thanks to an invite from Samplestore to try out their new range of products! Tried all 3 of the products tha...

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Amazing Skin in 6 Weeks with BRAND’S ® InnerShine ® RubyCollagen Essence Drink!
  With all the stress piling up from work and life, as well as age catching up ( I really hate to accept this fact though ), I have to admit that my skin is no longer as radiant and supple as it was. To help restore my skin in hope to look youthful, I've tr...

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There is an exciting event going on at the Singapore Zoo & River Safari right now! Zoo-Rassic Park !! The dinosaurs looks pretty real and will rwar and move! So cool and cute~ Here are some photos that I took to share with all of you! =) Had some fun snappi...

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Keys Collected!
Finally after a 3 years long wait!! Keys collected on 5th November 2016 ! CPF and Bank Account gonna start bleeding like no tomorrow~ Slaves to our new home~ Gotta work harder le~ Gambatte! Seems so surreal when I stepped into my new place! Cant believe its...

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Happy Blessed Birthday Melmel!
Happy Blessed Birthday My Dear Melmel !! ♡ Hope you are having an awesome time with your love in HongKong!! May all your wishes come true and happiness be with you always!~ Hugs! On Monday, our Team Valor headed out for dinner after work to celebrate Mel'...

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Belated Farewell Dinner and Birthday KTV
Not exactly a farewell but rather an appreciation dinner for 1 of our temp staff that has become our friend and team member =) Thanks for the help with our work as well as making life at work more fun! Thanks for accompanying me to run around the parks duri...

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Crazy Fun KTV Night!
Its been a super duper hectic week at work! Back to back meetings and interviews, tight datelines to meet, and adhoc stuff to handle~ 天啊~ Tired die me~ Headache max~ Shagged out! Cant wait for this 2 weeks of forecast and budgetting to end~ Thank goodness I...

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Halloween Horror Night 6 at Universal Studio Singapore (USS)
Scare Die Me! Told myself 4 years ago after I went for the Halloween Horror Night 2 event that I am never gonna attend such events ever again, but somehow this year I decided to go for it again when my neighbours asked me along. Thought I may be braver now,...

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Cocoa the Chihuahua!
I have a new addition to my family! Its been almost a year since I first brought her home. Yes its a little late to be blogging about this only now. But well as the saying always goes, better late than never! I have never really ever fancied the Chihuahua b...

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YUNOMORI Onsen and Spa
I recently went to the YUNOMORI Onsen and Spa located at Kallang Wave Mall , and thought it would be nice to share my experience with all of you since alot of my friends are also asking me about it ever since I posted up photos of the place in my facebook! ...
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