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Isaac Saito
Robotics engineering beginner, lifetime noodle lover
Robotics engineering beginner, lifetime noodle lover


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Customer service at two local auto dealership locations
Below is a review I left on Google Maps about a local Chrysler dealership that I just had an awful customer support experience. Usually I try to be careful enough not to use harsh words in online review, but this time I have to say their customer service ov...

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Random thought on using Google Drive in enterprise environment
Previoulsly I tweeted about Google Suite (paid version) and got a question offline about my experience. So I though I'd respond publicly (w/o revealing the name of inquirer :)).  You  use GSuite right? Are ...

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Half-a-day interviews series experience for the first time
Earlier I had series of interviews with a company for the first time in my life. First time I heard about this style of meeting person to person was probably when I was reading an article about how Google hires (#1). Original plan was talking to 7 persons i...

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My career progress -- up to early 40's
It has been kind of my tradition to leave a blog post about a move in my life, at least about my career. I find writing blog posts being time taking since I'd end up doing some research about the subject, but because of that it always is valuable in the end...

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Things learned from running a non-profit micro-sized company in Japan
After almost completing the 2nd term of my representative position, I resigned a non-profit company in Japan that I co-founded 4 years ago. Before things in my brain go into oblivion, I'd rather leave my experience and thoughts out here, focusing on things ...

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Amazing montage video including NEXTAGE OPEN celebrates MoveIt! 5-year
From TORK's blog : MoveIt! , de-facto standard
motion planning library for ROS, now celebrates 5th year since its
initial release by an amazing compilation of application videos. This is the 2nd time MoveIt! maintenance team makes such a montage. Comparin...

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Updated MoveIt! Now Comes with Trajectory Introspection
From TORK blog: Through the package update earlier June 2017 , MoveIt! now allows you to introspect planned trajectory pose by pose. Using the newly added trajectory slider on RViz, you can visually evaluate the waypoints in a planned trajectory on MoveIt!....
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