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iOS Development : Using Custom Fonts
Using custom fonts on iOS is very simple, but there are few catches to watch out. This post provides details on using custom fonts on iOS and what are all precaution required to take while using them. #Adding fonts to project Before adding... a. Check file ...

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iOS Development : App Extension - Creating Custom Keyboard
#Goal 1. Create custom keyboard using iOS 8 App extension, use xib to render keyboard view. 2. Show two buttons  " ¯\(ツ)/¯ " & "(⌐■_■)" over it, clicking on them will add respective text on textviews. #Source Link :  KeyboardExtension #Steps STEP 1:   Cre...

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iOS Development : Core Data
Before we start, lets first clear some common misconception about core data.  So what exactly is Core Data ? Core data is not any kind of database, don’t mix up Core Data with database. It was introduced in  Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and iOS  with iPhone SDK 3.0....

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OS X : Understanding RAM Usage
0. Understanding terminologies  Left table  Physical Memory :         Actual RAM installed on machine ( aka Physical Memory ). Memory Used :         Amount of RAM used from physical. Virtual Memory ( Non physical memory / spaced used from your HDD ) :      ...

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iOS Development : Working with size classes ( Level : Beginner )
What are size classes ? Apple is always trying to make developers life easy, every year they introduce something new which let developer achieve their application goals in much easier way. Size classes is solution to developer's question - How can i easily ...

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Solution for OS X installation error : OS X Installer reporting "This disk cannot be used to start up your computer"
Possible reasons could be. 1. D rives that either have been restored from Time Machine backups or have previously been used for Time Machine backups. 2. Installed Linux, windows or other operating systems, so the drives may contain a number of hidden and cu...

Testflight Beta Testing inside iTunes Connect Following is step by step guide to use iTunesConnect for build pre-release / beta testing process. 1. Enabling prerelease testing To start with this make sure you have your app created through itunes Connect acc...

1. Enabling prerelease testing Go to iTunes connect -> My App -> Prerelease Tab Under Prerelease tab select first tab Builds  This will list down all application available, on right side there is a switch with title “TestFlight Beta Testing”, turn it on. No...

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