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Emanuele Intorrella
Credit Where Credit Is Deserved....
Credit Where Credit Is Deserved....


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Hello all, I just wanted to introduce myself to the group.  My name is Emanuele, founder of the Credit Card Broker Program.  I do enjoy reading about real estate and credit/finance topics.

Some tips for realtors out there.  Have a client that found their dream home, but can't get approved for a loan?  Always be sure you have your client pre-approved for a home mortgage prior to giving them a tour of your neighborhood in search of their dream home.  You can save your time and theirs! 

Having a low Fico score can stop them from obtaining a mortgage.  These clients may want to consider getting a copy of their credit  report and score, try to repair and build credit, monitor their credit scores.

Tell your client if buying a house is truly one of their goals, that they have to proactively get their credit in shape first!  They can do it themselves or even work with a credit repair company.

Buying a house is complicated enough, so get the house in order first before you drive around a client for days and weeks at a time, only to find out they are not qualified to purchase a home.  But help them, or refer them to someone who can help them so they can meet their goals and be happy!  The bonus is you get the client and sale!

+Emanuele Intorrella 

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