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Two Women Go Blind After Looking at Their Smartphones in Bed
You already know it's not
good to sleep with your smartphone under your pillow, let alone stare at
it before you turn in for the night. Not only can it disrupt your sleep,
but it can actually damage your eyes, as is the case with two women who
went temp...
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Tone Your Whole Body With These 3 Bench Moves
Those padded benches
at the gym aren't just for pressing! These moves rely on your own body
weight to tighten you up from head to toe. For best results, do this
routine three times through, twice a week. If you want to squeeze
in some cardio while you'r...
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5 Ways Your Handbag Could Be Making You Sick
ever-wise Nicole Richie once said "everything good in life is either
illegal, immoral or fattening." While we would disagree on the grounds
that jumping on piles of crunchy leaves never hurt nobody, we have to
concede that does sometimes feel like t...
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Moving A Lot as a Kid Might Have a Scary Effect on Mental Health
no secret that moving as a kid isn't fun (making new friends at a new
school isn't always easy, after all), but according to a recent study by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine , it might have an even more serious effect on children than ...
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Research Finds Kids Who Live Near Green Spaces Are Less Aggressive
picnics, kite flying excursions and fields big enough for your kids to
run around and let out all of their built-up energy are just a few of
the reasons why parks are the best. But according to a new study in the Journal of the American Academy...
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The Foods You Should Eat for a Healthy Vagina
The reasons we make
changes to our diet are many and varied: losing weight, better skin,
improved digestion… but it's likely eating for vaginal health doesn't
often cross your mind. Making
sure this reproductive organ stays happy and healthy is as good ...
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10 Gross Things We All Secretly Do at Home
no one's watching, we're all able to be our most authentic selves —
which, apparently, means we're all kind of private slobs (including
us!). Sure, we try to hide it, but don't you think it's time we all come
clean (we had to) once and for all? Pre...
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6 Sneaky Health Problems Caused By Your Period
Bloating. Pimples the size of small planets. Insatiable cravings for
carbs. Most of us can list at least a dozen different ways our periods impact our lives
every month. But our fluctuating hormones can also affect us in ways we
don't normally...
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This Common Bacteria in Your Dog's Mouth Could Give You an Infection
All of our pets carry bacteria in their mouths, but news shows that one common variety might be more dangerous than others. In
a recent case in England, a 70-year-old woman contracted a
life-threatening infection after her Italian greyhound licked her, CB...
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12 Reasons Your Childhood Friends Will Always Be the Best
you're lucky enough to still be close with your childhood friends, then
you know all about the reasons they will always be the best. 1. They understand you better than anyone because they were there for all your adolescent firsts. That
time you vomite...
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