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FiveUI is now available on github -- the first step towards extensible user interface testing for HTML:



FiveUI is released under the Apache 2.0 License, and we're eager to hear your feedback!
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Cool! I'm going to try to check this out for something we're developing (assuming I don't get stuck in the install ;) )
+Laura Beckwith awesome! The install is easy, but adding/writing rules can be non-trivial. I'm more than happy to help! (and you know how much I'd love to have "real world" examples :)
Yup, that's about where I got stuck at. Got your rules working... but didn't try to come up with my own.

Can it also find spacing and/or font related things?
+Laura Beckwith it can, in the sense that you can interact with the rendering engine and check font properties; arbitrary javascript is allowed in rules, so there is little you can't do. However, we haven't explored those nooks very well yet, and the FiveUI prelude doesn't help out there. Some font/spacing related things will be easy to check, but it depends greatly on whether checking and comparing css /DOM elements or attributes is sufficient.

If you have a simple scenario I can work on, I'd be happy to give it a shot :) (We're also looking for guidance about what should go into the FiveUI Prelude, from an API-design point of view, and that could help there.)
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