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Hello Google+, does anyone actually read my stream? Even though 1k people are supposedly following me, I bet only a handful actually see this. That's my problem with sharing on Google+, still feels like a black hole. Prove me wrong...
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It essentially is a blackhole. You will have a core group of people that interact with you on a constant basis, which is great, while the rest either lurk or signed up to check it out and are rarely on the network. Just like Twitter and Facebook.
I'm reading it right now. Well, I was, now I'm writing this instead.
Oh, I follow you everywhere, David. On an unrelated note, please don't look behind the stack of boxes in your garage. 
Keywords and content. Social media is going to be more than just meaningless 'likes' and 'hearts'. You know what I mean? There is actually a lot of quality comments one gets in Google Plus.
Wow, this is old. This is a VERY old post. :D My bad.
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