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Stefan Shirley (Esteban)
"Don`t be foolish. A castle without a crypt is like a unicorn without a horn."
Circle me for: Tabletop Gaming of all kinds. Or, if you know me in meat space. That's pretty much all I'm online for. Never mind here. Just in general: games, "staying in touch."

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Right here on Google+: for stuff too long for Twitter, but too short for a blog post. Also, most random status updates go here (As it turns out, it looks like going forward into 2015 google+ will just be the place to watch for blog updates - if you don't subscribe to the RSS. I'm not taking the trouble to post here as often as I thought I would.)

What I want to be when I grow up:
So far I've had dreams of being a Green Lantern, Jedi, and Santa Claus "when I grow up" all dashed. Now, I'm grown up and I guess it may finally be time for a plan... D?
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Esteban, Doctor Checkmate, Crooked Rook, Peregrine "Bright" Brighteadow, I roll dice, and variations of all of the above
I am Doctor Checkmate. I am not just Doctor Checkmate. I am not a just Doctor Checkmate. I am not a well adjusted Doctor Checkmate. I am not a maladjusted Doctor Checkmate. OK... that last one... that might be open to debate... Wild Card, Mind Control Consultant, Iconoclast, Hobby Gamer Geek, Devil's Advocate, Angler, Omnivorous Epicurean, Anachropunk, Pragmatechnologist & Itinerant Semi-Pro IT Tech.
Mad, yo! However, they do not, in fact, pay the bills.
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Those who forget are doomed to repeat themselves if they forget they will...
I resurrected all my old D&D posts. Now all under one label. I feel as though fifth is close enough in spirit to make differentiating between my OSR and not-OSR posts kind of silly. Perhaps it was always silly, but they're up or back now. Last year I wasn't...
By any other name...
Expect no substitute. Expect. That is correct. Over the years, I've taken many names online. Some were humble (Peregrine Brightmeadow). Some were arrogant (Wodan Magus). Some were simple lies (Doctor Checkmate was neither a doctor of any kind, nor particula...
Savage Space II
This weekend I went through and edited a few old Savage Worlds posts. When I started writing about Savage Worlds with science fiction in mind, I didn't have the Sci Fi Companion yet. I was deliberately thinking in terms of what I could run as a demo with th...
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Not actually new material. This appeared on my old blog.
So, how long is the track side of the map? How many laps for a Mayhemopolis 500? Has anyone done the math? 
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What I'm playing, What I would like to play: Nth Edition
TL;DR in bold. I play Shadowrun by Skype, roughly every week. I'm playing a lot of Free-to-Play/Freemium puzzle games on my Kindle. I haven't touched the Xbox in close to... three, maybe four months. I've got several games I want to play more of that I don'...
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Sounds familiar. 😜
Now that I have the fifth edition core books, what's the best of the rest in D&D 5e land?
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I really like it as well. Never did anything past the original AD&D myself, so 5e is a great edition for me.
Any one know what happened to Twisted Armageddon from Radioactive Ape? Really dig the V6 system and was kind of looking forward to it.
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Oh. Wow. Hope everything works out for him. As it stands now with the mutation book, it's already pretty complete. I was just curious about what sort of toolkit Twisted Armageddon might provide.
Chicken Wings
I'll talk again about my misadventures with chili later. Chili remains a quest for the simplest fire it into the slow cooker and forget about it recipe possible. Today we'll talk about something nearer and dearer to my heart. Wings. There was a time when I ...
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I make a really good turkey chili. 
Not at all game-y or particularly geeky, but it's short. That's good, right? No need for a TL;DR here.
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The flood is great. It's hard to stand out when the haze and clutter of smoke and noise seem to overshadow the world we live in. It's easy to just throw your hands up and say, "Fuck this noise!" Especially when we're engulfed in all of that chaos. We are but discordant wavelengths in the chorus. Still, we're not alone. A little surprised no one has posted one of these here... Or, am I just oblivious?
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No, definitely not a Killer Kart class car.
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I made a book out of what I thought to be the best posts on False Machine and put it on Lulu . I think other people who run interesting blog


To appreciate nonsense requires a serious interest in life. — Gelett Burgess Glass colored fish swim in invisible rivers as the ripe fruit-s


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