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Stefan Shirley (Esteban)
If you continue to buy their fear, they will continue to sell it to you.
"Don`t be foolish. A castle without a crypt is like a unicorn without a horn."

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: Tabletop Gaming of all kinds. Or, if you know me in meat space. That's pretty much all I'm online for. Never mind here. Just in general: games, "staying in touch."

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What I want to be when I grow up:
So far I've had dreams of being a Green Lantern, Jedi, and Santa Claus "when I grow up" all dashed. Now, I'm grown up and I guess it may finally be time for a plan... D?
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Esteban, Doctor Checkmate, Crooked Rook, Peregrine "Bright" Brighteadow, I roll dice, and variations of all of the above
Apprentice Hotelier. Freelance Editor. Ghost Writer.
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I have 306 followers? All sitting there in the aether in silence? I still don't understand how Google+ works, or even why. Why are you all so damn quiet?
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Is this a test?
I've nothing nice to say.
I'm shy.
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A lot of activity is in communities and Circles of course. I comment quite a bit, post infrequently and very seldom "Public".  It's all about getting in with a group with similar interests.
Frankenstein Apocalypse
Frankenstein as in the monster's composite nature. Apocalypse as in post-apocalyptic tropes. So, in keeping with my growing tendency to DIY my hobbies and expand my horizons into things of an arts and crafts nature, I've gotten it into my head to not create...
T Minus What
It's November and it's seventy five degrees as the sun sets outside. None of this feels right. I've got less time for blogging lately. Changing priorities personally, changing responsibilities at work, and the longer my gaming drought lasts... Well, I'm sur...
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4-Colors: Comic Books and Superheroes 42: Meta and Process posts, OR things not fitting another label Car Wars: Car Wars, tabletop vehicular mayhem and manslaughter D&D: Dungeons & Dragons Electric Gamer: Mostly mobile; eventually PS4 Fate: Fate or FAE RPG ...
Things Pop Culture Taught Me...
...That Maybe Religion Taught You. I would hope it goes with out saying that my parents and grandparents are part of this equation, too. But, Pop Culture in the form of watching the original Star Wars trilogy over and over again, as well as Summer afternoon...
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More Icons!
Coming this month is a bunch of old Icons characters from the old blog. We recognize that you have a choice in comics, and we thank you for choosing Checkmate Comics! Stay tuned!
Coming this month is a bunch of old Icons characters from the old blog. We recognize that you have a choice in comics, and we thank you for choosing Checkmate Comics! Stay tuned!
Amalgam Earth E: Not enough to form posts of their own
Does the Marvel Universe have Amazons? I know I've said I like the Ms. Marvel Wonderwoman mash up, but I'm curious. Atlantis: I could take the time to mash up Namor and Arthur Curry. I could. But, I would rather drop my favorite Mutants and Masterminds char...
Amalgam Earth E
Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark become Anthony Bruce Hughes. I've never been particularly in love with DC's fictional cities, so ditching them for the more "real life" locations of Marvel's universe lead me to the thought, "why not make the Ironbat's family a re...
Amalgam Comics
I really wanted to love these crossover mash up events. I did, but so many of the mash ups made no sense to me. The only one I kind of dug was Spider-man and Superboy. Spiderboy (with or with out a hyphen) made sense to me. Darkclaw? Magneto and the Metal M...
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Right. Magneto and the Metal Men, not weird enough. Speed Demon, Generation Hex nicely gonzo. Darkclaw way, way to bland. Grim and gritty to the point of being salt. Bleh.
Ouroboros of the Oubliette
Past posts about D&D will remain here, but I've devoted a new blog to D&D and fifth edition in particular. I hope you'll join me there as I try to recapture and retain the magic that the game gave me thirty years ago. Game on. This is the Ouroboros of the O...
Fear Koan
Fear: "an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat." Koan: "a paradoxical anecdote or riddle, used in Zen Buddhism to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning and to provoke enl...
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Starpunk Alien Races - Humans and the Shuuto

I've been away from my sci-fi game design for a while to the point where I have to reread what I've written to get back in the saddle. I act

Loot Crate

Epic geek and gamer gear delivered monthly.

My Addiction to Pro Sports

I'm a sports fan. I remember the exact moment when I became aware of pro sports, and that I could watch them on television. I was 9. I was f

Les Livingstone's blog

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog! Several years ago, one of my friends in the Landmark Introduction Leaders Program suggested that I should w

Beer, Beards, and Bands… A brief insight into the evolution of my involv...

Beer of the moment: Yuengling Traditional Lager - Pottsville, PA Oh, and someone snuck a sidecar of Jameson into the shot. Anyone that knows

Campaign Sketch - PSI World: Black File

Never played the game, just stealing the title. A quick read from the RPGGeek and found out over at Thoul's Paradise, this is what is said a

Miniatures I'd Like To See

Soooo... My blog is slow these days, I know. I just haven't found enough to blog about and haven't been doing much in the way of gaming stuf

Brackles, a PC Race

Inspired by a sweet picture over at Dungeons and Drawings, those mayfly fairies I wrote up that one time, and this video about cicadas. My g

Savage Worlds: Arcane Background (Mutation)

A Mutant So if you're like me and you want mutants for your science-fantasy post-apoc or future where there are mutants running around, but

Strange Location: Bimini Road

Note the blue, because it's underwater. 15 feet down and half a mile from the Bahamas is the sandstone arrangement known as Bimini Road. Of

Playing D&D With Porn Stars: A Miscellany With A Moral

"Minor Cultural Eccentricities 1. Every profession and I mean every profession has a distinctive outfit , not always related to the practica

155. BANKSY: Taking the piss (explicit)

About · Archives · Shop · Blog · Blog updates · Vlog updates · Cartooning process · Reader of the month · Free posters · Submit quote · Tran

A Ruleset of My Very Own

(God, it's so banal. The idea that you have such good houserules and mechanics ideas that you should codify them into a ruleset or a retrocl

d100 Rival Parties

Ive been busy working on my book - as went through draft i was happy with a year ago am writing some extra stuff. Am about 44% though to cop


I made a book out of what I thought to be the best posts on False Machine and put it on Lulu . I think other people who run interesting blog


To appreciate nonsense requires a serious interest in life. — Gelett Burgess Glass colored fish swim in invisible rivers as the ripe fruit-s


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Kavi's Journal - Entry 5

Kavi Nanda Measure Operative Diamond Lake Journal Entry 5 For the first time in days, I am sitting in my Diamond Lake office, sipping on fre

Kavi's Journal - Entry 1

(The following is a first person recounting of nearly two sessions of Pathfinder, run every Friday at a friend's house. As with everything e

Ride the Iceberg

There’s a theory that passengers on the Titanic could have ridden the iceberg and lived. The iceberg the titanic hit was large and, apparent