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Stefan Shirley (Sidewinder)
I change my nick & pic for my Hangout Shadowrun PCs.
I change my nick & pic for my Hangout Shadowrun PCs.

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Going to post interesting resources and inspiration here. #cyberpunk #PacificRim #Technoir

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Chances are a lot of what I post here will be equally applicable if not more applicable to Fifth Edition. I'm not carrying Fifth Edition on the train though. The train challenge is specifically for BX and compatible OSR systems.

Post has attachment This movie is a stupid large influence on my interpretation of goblins. But, then again, so are Nazi Germany and Victorian London. So... Grain of salt.

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The Challenge: During a twenty four hour train ride, develop an OSR campaign using BX, LotFP, and maybe some LL resources.

The Library: All of the above, and Keep on the Borderlands, as well as the G & D modules. Somewhere, I think I have a digital copy of Q, but I'm not positive. Anything beyond this will have to be digital. My space is limited.

The Limits: The above library and digital requirement, plus... At some point during this ride I'm putting my head down for 8 hours. Rules wise, I want to stick pretty close to BX. I'm cherry picking LotFP and LL for bits I like.

So, what I'm asking the community to do between now and D-Day is this, "what are your essential digital companions (ha) to the above?

Players are likely to be newbies.
My personal style runs some where in the triangle twixt Middle Earth, Wonderland, and Oz.
I expect players to behave like Fafrd and the Grey Mouser or the Stainless Steel Rat.
That sounds like a clash, but it never has been before.

D-Day is June 29. I get off the train on the 30th. Between now and then I'll post more about what I like (and precious little about what I don't) in my D&D.

I'm back. I was away. This time the deletion took all my circles with it. So I'll be slowly circling you all again. Happy Festive Seasons and their Greetings to you all.
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