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Adam Lewis
...US Innovate CV launch is getting closer. Just. Can't. Wait.
...US Innovate CV launch is getting closer. Just. Can't. Wait.
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Joshua Waldman has authored the best Dummies book yet. And the fact that Innovate CV is glowingly mentioned within has absolutely nothing to do with it.

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Innovate CV's London office is hiring a new Project Manager, and we think it's a fantastic opportunity for a recent grad. Hit the link for more details.

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What do global recruiting, international diplomacy and social psychology have in common? More than we’d ever think.

As candidates or recruiters, what interesting cultural insights can you share given your experiences?

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By sensationally leaking President Obama’s Innovate CV, kindly note that we are most certainly not suggesting that:

(a) President Obama has or should quite the 2012 campaign and start his new jobsearch armed a brilliant next generation resume.
(b) President Obama is or should be using an Innovate CV to boost his profile for the 2012 campaign. (Well, actually, I take that one back. We’d be quite chuffed with that…)
(c) President Obama is great!
(d) President Obama is not great!(e) President Obama is the furthest thing from great!
(f) President Obama considers himself a basketball “expert”.

No, no…not at all. But, what we are suggesting is that President Obama would make a great looking Innovate CV. Oh, and late-night-in-the-office caffeine powered ideas CAN be realised.

Click the link and have a look. The President doesn’t mind at all. In fact, if you hit his Innovate CV’s like button, he’d even be quite pleased (and humbled).

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Innovate CV is launching in America. Naturally, we quizzed our new NY-based Business Development Manager on British accents. As you do.

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Your move, acedemia. It better be a good one...

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A chart to live by.
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