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Marcin Drabot (Aairria)
Forever lost in a foggy abyss.
Forever lost in a foggy abyss.


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Aairria - The Seventh Dreaming

It's been quite a significant while since the last Dreaming album came out. Close to three years and nine months actually. I'd like to say that through all this time I've grown as an artist and a human being. And this much might be true. It should be. But really the very idea of a Dreaming album is the detachment from time and reason. These compositions are not designed to be comprehensible and meaningful. That is unless we approach them on an emotional level.
Among many things that happened in these three years and nine months is death. I've lost many family members - a natural thing really since old age does not make any exceptions. And while I wouldn't even think of dedicating an album to any of those people while they were alive, somehow after their passing it is the first idea that came to mind.
So The Seventh Dreaming is really a seven hour and seven minutes of lament about death. I'm sure it doesn't stand very well to any reason. But in its absurd repetition and patience it is technically so very accurate and alike death itself.

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All throughout december my full discography on bandcamp is available for half price.
So if you'd like to have all those 20 albums in your collection this might be the perfect opportunity.

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While still trying to retain a newer approach to sound and structure - as explored in my previous album - this time my idea was to finally leave metastructures behind and musically explore Blame! in a new, more personal way.
And so the result is this character soundtrack, music for and about the beautiful and courageous Cibo - the driving force of the story, one with unfaltering persistence and the only real spark of innocence in the brutal world of Blame!.

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My first ever music video.

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Audio-Technica ATH-WS770
Nietrudno w ostatnim czasie zauważyć powolne, okazjonalne zacieranie granic między słuchawkami klasy (z punktu widzenia przeciętnego użytkownika) premium i zwyczajnymi, rozrywkowymi, niezobowiązującymi do inwestycji w dodatkowe sprzęt i wiedzę. Na fali tego...

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Aune X1s + X7s
Tym razem nie do końca recenzja, a bardziej zbiór wrażeń i spostrzeżeń z użytkowania. Zmiana formy podyktowana jest brakiem możliwości wykonania pełnej analizy porównawczej brzmienia, gdyż zwyczajnie innych przykładów takiego sprzętu nie posiadam. W tym wzg...

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Imagine an album by Aairria which has both rhythms and melodies. Imagine one not being dark, experimentally challenging or even uneasy to listen.
While I may have somewhat proven myself worthy of some praise in the field of drone and soundscape music, my intention for some time has been to try something new and different. And so my first attempt is now here.
'simplemusic' is all live improvisation recorded in one sitting. I've had a lot of fun doing it and I hope it shows, or sounds rather. So much fun in fact that I've listened to this whole album over fifty times now. And after months of listening I'm finally sharing it so that maybe someone will find these sounds relaxing and joyous as much as I'd want them to be.

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Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool
Jeśli mnie pamięć nie myli, Thom ostatni raz krzyczał na nas przy okazji dodawania dwa i dwa. Radiohead jako zespół z kolei krzyczeli ostatnio na tęczowej płycie. No a potem przestali. Zmiana w brzmieniu kolejnych albumów zespołu ma znamiona dorastania. Zac...

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Master & Dynamic MH30
Często łapię się na przeczesywaniu ofert słuchawkowych, sklepów polskich i zagranicznych, w poszukiwaniu pozycji nieznanych mi, oryginalnych, ciekawych. Powiedzmy to sobie zresztą od razu - mam przy tym przeczesywaniu głównie wygląd na myśli, bo w kwestii d...

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Once again I'd like to present an unsettling and droning album. Perfect for those sleepless nights which otherwise would maybe bring you unneeded peace and serenity ;).
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