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hahahahahaha!! Germans are getting their panties in a bunch over being the latest target of ingenious #SouthPark creators Matt & Trey. Why get angry and get pointed out by the masses as a square and sensitive? Tons of celebrities have been under their wrath...but no one complains out loud because they understand it is funny. #Germans should brace themselves for some crass jokes at their expense, when an episode of the US cartoon 'South Park' mocking their sense of humour is broadcast for the first time in Germany.

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In portions of “Funnybot,” an episode that premiered in the United States last May, German President Christian Wulff and Chancellor Angela Merkel invade a school and point guns at kids after Germans become angry over being called the world’s most unfunny people.

Though the German media seem to get the joke, some observers have fretted that the country is being portrayed as soulless and evil, especially at a time when Germans feel they are being unfairly demonized as Europe’s economic hegemon during the eurzone debt crisis.

While Die Welt newspaper gave the episode plaudits, it also wrote that it also portrayed German politicians as “barbaric” and furthered the Anglo-Saxon fascination with Germans’ supposed “evil genius.”

But Stern magazine said that while Germans are widely seen internationally as being humourless, that perception could be changed with an investment in public relations over coming years.

“In principle, you can get rid of every learned cliché,” PR expert Ernst Primosch told the magazine.

The episode seems to take particular aim at Germany’s 20th century history and current leadership.

It portrays politicians, including Merkel and Wulff, as bitterly angry that Germans have been called unfunny. They unveil a robot that tells jokes and eventually goes on a genocidal rampage.

The episode comes at a time where Merkel is being written about in increasingly dour terms by the international media.

A recent article in the US Newsweek magazine that portrayed Merkel as emotionless and insensitive during the euro crisis has raised particular discomfort in Germany, with some prominent figures worrying that the country is being maligned internationally.

The South Park episode “Funnybot” can be seen at 10:30 pm on Sunday on Comedy Central in Germany.
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is that comedy-bot?
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The sh%t, sh$t, has just hit our fans! South Park is releasing a New video game that is staged to revolutionize video gaming as you know it. They do not want to go the usual route of video games, that is why it took so long for this highly anticipated addition to The South Park Library of hits. Just in case you've somehow missed this, the January issue of US magazine Game Informer has a rather unlikely cover star: #SouthPark – the RPG. Yes, #TreyParker and ##MattStone, the creators of the scurrilous cartoon series, apparently contacted developer Obsidian about working on a console adventure title. The California-based studio has previously created the likes of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II and Alpha Protocol, and was developing an RPG based on the Aliens movie until the project was canned this summer.

So what can we expect from a fantasy role-player based around the adventures of #Cartman, #Kenny, #Stan, #Kyle and #Butters plus a slew of other characters? According to MCV, the title will put players in control of a new kid in town who enters a live role-playing tournament with the cartoon's stars before the event turns into a real-life adventure. Apparently, there will be five classes to select from including wizard, rogue, adventurer and paladin, as well as an unannounced "unconventional" fifth class. Chef? Scientologist? Canadian? It could be anything. I'm just hoping that Mecha-Streisand turns up as a boss battle.

Interestingly, it seems the game will be structured as a faily traditional 2D RPG with customisable weapons and turn-based combat. Stone and Parker are known to be gaming fans, and several titles have been namechecked during the cartoon's 14-year history, most famously in the legendary episode Make Love Not Warcraft. Fans may also remember Chinpokomon, which satirised the Pokemon phenomenon, and the episode entitled Crack Baby Athletic Association in which EA Sports president Peter Moore is depicted telling the boys: "Now let's part with that old EA Sports saying – Get the f*ck out of my building!"

There's no word on platforms yet, but it seems that Xbox Live Arcade and PSN will figure. And South Park: The Game is not the only series tie-in due out next year – the Xbox Live Arcade platformer, South Park: Tenorman's Revenge, is due out in the spring. We're really going to be spoiled for choice.
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Omg budders face lol
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Funny Kim Jong Il clips from #TeamAmerica
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We all know Kim Jong II was one of the most memorable characters on the epic movie: Team America. Songs and all of his attitude that depicted him almost perfectly, if not so. We all loved it, now he is dead...people are going crazy to see this funny azz movie. The death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il sparked a widespread reaction from Twitter users this morning, many of whom were familiar with the despot from the 2004 cartoon parody movie “Team America: World Police,” by the makers of South Park.

The term “Team America” shot to the top of the Twitter trends list, joining the terms “North Korea” and “Kim Jong Il” as news of Kim’s death spread today. The movie depicts Kim as a terrorist who lures world leaders to a peace conference while simultaneously planning attacks in their home countries with weapons of mass destruction.

The American “World Police” are tasked with stopping the dictator and saving the world.

The film mocks Kim for being an eccentric dictator with a lamentable grasp of English. In one scene, he sings “I’m So Ronrey,” a play on his mispronunciation of the word “lonely,” which follows the dictator around his ornate palace where he spends almost all of his time.

In another scene, he fends off a visit by the United Nations weapons inspector Hans Blix, which he pronounces “Hans Bricks,” by throwing Blix into a shark-eating tank. Blix had threatened Kim with punishment for making him “very very angry” and “writing a letter telling you how angry we are” if he would not let him inspect the palace for weapons of mass destruction.
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