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Okay, so now that ive made it onto the server, everytime I try to open my inventory my game crashes. Any ideas?

So, what update is the server currently on? I was having troubles with that last time I tried to log in...

I just had a thought, since I haven't been able to log into the server for a while - Could I possibly need a paid account, instead of the demo account, to use the server?

First question:
What do I do if I can't connect and it says that the connection timed out?

Second Question:
What is the teamspeak server and if you can mention it, the password?

(I also hope this is in the correct category)

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It all makes sense now...

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I love this so much!

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When you play a game with terrible lag.
+Andreas Zimmermann​
# when you forget your spare key too your house and you be like....
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When you realize you brought the wrong pokemon to the fight

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When someone gives you a choice between two movies

 "What's better, Steven Universe, or gravity falls?"
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