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Disturbing,very disturbing. Sort of what a man named Jesus went thru,only a bit worse,if it could be any worse. It's important to remember your right's in these situations. If they ask for ID and u have none,remain calm and do as thay say,I understand people w/mental disabiliyies may not answer or reply fast enough for these animals,but always ask,"Am I free to go?" "Am I being detained,and for what?" These dirt balls are Phishing and looking for trouble,they should all have been charged and found guilty. Some were even making jokes,disgusting. You have rights,and must stay calm,this poor guys mistake was running,and I know its a fight or flight instinct,but they should be able to train these cops to recognize signs of mental disability and not assume "He's on something". I was walking my dog in the town I've lived in my whole life,just a month ago,and came upon a parked police car,as I passed ,the cop asked me,"Where ya headed" I said "none of your business" ,the look on his face was priceless. Now was he just engaging in small talk to a man in the burbs walking his dog,or was he over stepping and phishing for trouble? This breaks my heart,and these kinds of incidents will only increase in numbers as more and more of our freedom is taken away,hidden deep in 1100 page bills and laws that get pushed thru congress more often then you'd expect. RIP Kelly,no one can do you any harm now,and it's their sin,not your's. Many Blessings!! Peace.
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