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Joel Runyon did a massive update of the Impossible community. Great example of experimenting and listening to your community.

Here´s what is coming up:

Women’s Tank tops are here. (+ more cool gear coming soon)
Get Some free books on Amazon (you get extra points from me if you’ll leave a review ).
Join the new Impossible League Community
Cold Shower Therapy: The Challenge is coming
Jump off a bridge with me at WDS
Win a copy of Chris Guillebeau’s new book & tell me what impossible things you’re doing this summer.

The blogcast FM team have started releasing transcripts of their products. The first is an interview with Yaro Starak. ¨After recognizing the internet's infinite possibilities in 1998, Yaro began his first successful website netting around $500 a month. Realizing the business potential this hinted at, he went on to create and sell numerous online businesses. This interview hits key points of interest for anyone interested in expanding their business to include a successful online presence.¨

Earlier, he tweeted: Our Web Traffic and Content Strategy Book Just Hit #30 in the Web Marketing Category in the #Kindle Store:

From srini´s facebook:
A few months ago we decided to take on a somewhat ambitious project. People had asked us for transcripts of our show and we thought we'd take it a step further. Instead of just transcripts, we stripped out all the fluff, and put the most actionable stuff into a book which went live about an hour ago.

I think it´s an interesting strategy, and is a lot better then the previous offer which was providing transcripts and worksheets as part of a premium program.

I´m not sure people will pay for these - it really depends on the calibre of the interviews and how time strapped the listeners are. I know I´ve bought essays and mixergy interviews so it´ll be fun to see how this plays out :)

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This looks awesome. I´ve given up on magazine models (it took to long to make money, it was easier for me to focus on short term freelancing) but it´s amazing for building your brand.

Thom Chambers is a leader in this space and it looks like it´d be very useful.

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Adam Baker has launched the kickstarter for his documentary. This is something I believe we should all get behind it. It´s a fabulous op and if I had the moolah right now, I´d be going for the option with the producer credit! :)

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David Risley has rebranded his site to Blog Marketing Academy. It´s a big change, along with the closure of his membership site. It´ll be interesting to see how his site evolves now

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Cool post (I have one of these shirts!)

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Wonder how this will change the industry!

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Will be reading this later xx

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Just signed up to the list for goodies!

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Fan-freaking-tastic post. Has anyone here taken the course?
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