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Magical Thoughts
I asked my social worker for a list of Bible quotes regarding waiting. That led to a list of quotes about patience. And upon further reading, the quotes are not a one stop shop for patience nor waiting. But that’s the way any reading is--it’s the blueprint ...

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Running on E
E is for Emergency? Empty. E is for empty like when your tank is empty in the middle of a fake gasoline crisis after Hurricane Harvey. These past few weeks I feel like I’m running on E. It could be that I haven’t had enough sleep. It could be the decrease i...

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Get it done.
Children of the 90s really enjoy a couple of things no other children do. Like high fructose corn syrup, tootsie rolls, Blues Clues, well and then some things like bumper stickers. Remember the age of bumper stickers and key chains sayings. The popular slog...

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Leaving things behind
It’s not always. But when I forget things at home, I forget things like my cell phone. My wallet. And sometimes--if not most often, my house keys. It’s kind of bad when you forget your cell phone but it’s absolutely worse when you forget your wallet. Money ...

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Drawing the Line
There comes a time in my life where I set my priorities straight. Usually every few weeks when I decide that I’m not doing enough with my life and that I do not deserve breaks. I do not deserve time to breathe and I most definitely do not deserve time to re...

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H. A. L. T.
If you ever need an acronym to live by, it hast to be HALT. If you’re ever in a moment of distress or you’re seriously considering why you’re doing whatever you’re doing. HALT, is a good way to just stop. Stop. Ask yourself: Am I HUNGRY? Am I ANGRY? Am I LO...

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This Day Made for Me
Four years ago on this day, I was baptized as Sopphey Vance. We had a small service in the Fellowship Hall of the church because the sanctuary received new carpet. You could say that the previous summer was the Summer of Love between Christianity and me. Bu...

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Creating Blanket Statements
What do we mean sometimes when we go through the Bible and create blanket statements such as: "Wel so and so never said this explicitedly." Or, "you know, in verse so and so it says these things but what if that was just a cultural reference. Surely, God di...

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Time Management Skills
My sis and I had a very serious talk one evening. She said, "Sopphey sometimes I feel like I'm living with a celebrity. Every time I text you, you take forever to answer. When I call, you always say you'll call me back. And when you finally call back, the c...

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Experiencing Loss
Sometimes I forget that I’ve lived through some things others haven’t. Like experiencing close friends die. It’s this huge unfathomable feeling of having a part of your life disappear overnight. Gone, nothing more scary than gone. But, day by day, some expe...
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