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Hey Hexar AF
It wasn't really something that i wanted, but everyone has a copy and everyone brags about how good this camera is. So when Eddy informed me about a deal on Carousell by AlexFoto, i bought it. Immediately i went testing how good this camera function under l...

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DownSizing my collection
It all started when i realised that i don't shoot as much as i did before and canon lenses started to give me some maintenance issue when you don't use the lens. Typical fog and haze will start building up in the lenses and the maintenance is an issue. I gu...

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Mount Ophir
Probably the most worthy photos to share is this pic with the island kids playing at the waterfall... Ricoh GR10 Kodak Hawkeye 400

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Japan 2016 Winter - street shots
My first winter trip to Japan and did a series of B&W of street shots Leica M4-P, Canon 25mm f3.5 ltm
Trix 400, R09

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I guess, i finally found the right use for my sjcam 5000+ action camera and its seriously convenient! [img][/img] [img][/img] [img]...

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Shooting Film in Perth 1
Leica M4-P, Canon 25mm f3.5 ltm Kodak Ektar 100

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A short family trip to Perth, Western Australia...Its Winter. Wallaby at Perth Wild Life park At Fremantle St Mary Cathedral Ricoh GR

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Ipoh Charity Ride
It was a short trip to Ipoh for my Charity cycling event and here's some precious shots that I have gotten from a stop over at the town. Leica M4-p, Canon 35mm f2 ltm Kentmere 100,

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My shots through the vintage canon 28mm f3.5 ltm
Having breakfast at this traditional coffee shop Leica M2, Canon 28mm f3.5 ltm, Kodak Colorplus 200

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The Canon 25mm f3.5 LTM
The legendary lens that they call it rare, but in fact, i didnt had a hard time searching for this piece and I had a fair bit of discount for it. Some may treat it as a treasure, some just took it as another Color Skopar 25mm... But I'm glad that i managed ...
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