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Fred Jackson
Enjoying Life. How about you?
Enjoying Life. How about you?

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Too Damn Hot
It's 1am and it is still 18 degrees. Too hot to sleep and too tiring to do anything. Even my laptop has been over heating.

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FabLabs And Building Walls
I spent a good chunk of my evening at the FabLab. Much as I like everything to do with tabletop gaming, I do like making more practical things. The FabLab is a bit like my dream shed only it has even more toys.There is even a forge although I am not sure I ...

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The Joy Of Pets
I spent much of yesterday and today working on stuff for the business I am about to set up. I have learnt but seem to keep forgetting an awful lot of stuff about CorelDraw. When it comes to laying out a template for a laser cutter it seems to be second to n...

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Manchester Bombing
I used to live ten minutes walk from where a terrorist killed himself and twenty two others, many of which were kids. This not to mention all the injured. Terrorists attacks are a hideously bad thing no matter what is going on but to target a concert which ...

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Busy Day - Working On Designs
I have spent a bit of time today on what I laughably call product development. This has been mainly working out costings. More along the lines of what it will cost to produce something, wrap it up and put some packaging on it. So all in all a pretty dull da...

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End Of The Week
Another week has gone by and not much painting done. I have managed to do some painting today but my focus has been elsewhere most of the day. The painting that I did do cam as something as a relief and if I didn't need to go to bed now I would still be pai...

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FabLabs And Gnolls
FabLabs and gnolls is not my latest idea for a roleplaying game but it does some up my day.

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My Excuse Is
For the first time this year a day has gone by without a blog post. I wanted to do this every day for a year at least so I am a little disappointed in myself. That said, I worked hard yesterday and I fell asleep rather than opting not to post. It has been a...

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Starting A Business - Fun And Games
Today more than any other day I can feel that I am going to start up a business making laser cut stuff for gamers.Today more than ever I know how much fun this is going to be, i.e. not a huge amount of fun. My working day has been about eleven hours long, m...

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New Skills
Well I guess if I want to create some terrain with a laser that I better be able to produce some templates. So I got back to learning some Corel Draw skills. I have been using this system on and off for a few years now but I can't say that I know it well en...
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