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Fred Jackson
Enjoying Life. How about you?
Enjoying Life. How about you?

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Maths And Gaming
I have a friend called Clive. Like me, he is a gamer but I hate playing games with him. He is not a sore loser nor difficult to play with, he just takes a long time. This is because he works out the numbers. Years ago we were in a PBM game about American Fo...

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I had an idea for a card game today. This is nothing that special, I have plenty of ideas and this one seemed a little dull. When I played it over in my head it sounded a little like Chez Geek but a bit more like Real Life. This has become the name I was th...

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Conan Exiles / What Does A Tabletop RPG World Look Like
I know that I have talked about this game in the past. It's an online, semi RPG that is currently in beta. As it is a beta, I guess that I cannot complain but that didn't stop me last time. Whilst it is still a beta and it still needs a lot of work doing on...

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The Joy Of Six
I have been tired today but it's the good type of tired. Better than the bad type I have had all week. Since Tuesday I have been feeling unwell but I seem to be on the mend now. Today I went to a small show, The Joy Of Six in Sheffield. Oddly it is dedicate...

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Viticulture - The Boardgame
I played this today. i was pretty sure that I wasn't going to like it when it was suggested.

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Scythe is a boardgame roughly based on the battles for European domination in the Victorian era with giant stompy robots. I think it is currently Rank 8 on Boardgame Geek which is pretty good going for a new game. So I figured it mist have something about i...

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Brush Holder + It's All Been A Bit Of A Blur
I remember waking up this morning and I don't remember it being a good thing. Somehow I managed to take a wrong turn on the school run. This has kind of set the tone for the day. Somewhere between getting up at seven this morning and eating my dinner at nin...

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The Absurdity Of Computer Games vs. Real Life
Anyone who knows me can probably tell you that I have a thing for zombies. What better way for the world to end? I mean just look around you the next time you are in the town centre. The shambling apocalypse is already here. They just don't want to eat you....

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I've not had the will to do much gaming stuff to day. In fact if I actually put down a post about what was going on it would probably read like a page from Bridget Jones' Diary.

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No Real Clear Plan
At the moment I am struggling a bit. There was a plan but at the moment I am struggling with it all round. It doesn't help that I have jobs that I don't want to do so I end up putting everything off. Today I managed to get one of those jobs done. Most of my...
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