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More on SQRL: A new video which carefully explains the essential core concept upon which the SQRL system is based. If you watch hits one, you'll fully "grok" the SQRL concept! :)
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Hey everyone! Something cool to share:
Yesterday (Tuesday) during our weekly Security Now! podcast, I used a working beta iOS SQRL client on an iPhone (supporting the nearly finished SQRL secure identity authentication system), to log onto Leo's computer 452 miles away!
Here's the 4-minute segment showing how it went. Check it out! More coming soon, Thanks!!
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Announcing the "Portable Sound Blaster" Group at Google:!forum/portable-sound-blaster

Hello Everyone!

All listeners of the Security Now! podcast with Leo and me will know the story of "The Portable Dog Killer" – and you'll also know that no dogs or seagulls or any other animals were ever harmed in any way. (I needed to get that said and out of the way, since I NEVER want or intend to harm to any creature, human or otherwise!)

Ever since May 2010, when we first aired that 40-year-old story from my somewhat wild youth, I have been receiving requests for "plans" for a similar device. From many of our listeners – and some of my friends – I have learned that barking dogs are causing people an amazing amount of grief everyday. Many people are unable to sleep at night, babies are being awakened, homes cannot be sold, and it seems that in chronic cases the dogs' owners are completely uncaring.

I am so busy and backlogged with existing projects that I couldn't drop everything to design a modern-day solution. Until, that is, my two very best friends, each homeowners, each mentioned that they were being driven crazy by neighboring dogs that spent their afternoons barking non-stop. I experienced this myself while wishing for a quiet afternoon on one friend's backyard patio. And my otherwise quiet morning on the peaceful Starbucks patio is often interrupted by the arrival of an amazingly vocal infestation of crows.

This all begs the question: would an innocuous blast of sound solve the problem? Could the neighbor's canines be taught not to bark, could the crows be guided to a tree further from people?

To begin answering that question I briefly put a project I am near to completing (and will now return to) on hold in order to design a research & development platform for exploring what can be done with today's technology. That design is now complete and parts are on order. Everything so far has been documented, and the public Portable Sound Blaster group has been created to allow everyone who wishes to, to watch and lurk, or jump in, contribute and participate. I will be quite scarce for a while as I wrap up this other very cool new crypto gizmo I'll be unveiling soon. Then I'll be back to build and share the first version of a next-generation "Portable Sound Blaster" device.

I wonder whether I'll be able to shatter a crystal glass? And if so, at what distance?Let's find out! <g>

I'll hope to see you in the group soon!
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