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  • Lane Community College
    Foreign Language, 2012 - present
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    badass, 2013 - present
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Eugene, OR
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This McDonald's gave me some serious first world problems. As usual, my girlfriend and I ordered 4 mcdoubles, 2 large fries, and 2 large drinks. We request the buns to be on the side because we're gluten intolerant, but like to feed the buns to our rats as a special treat. When we got home we had only been given 2 mcdoubles with 2 wrapped buns on the side. We called to have this fixed. The person on the phone was courteous and helpful and told us if we brought in the receipt they'd replace the missing McDoubles. They also said they'd throw in an extra fry. When we got there, they replaced our entire order except the drinks and STILL gave us a free fry. Now it's just 2 of us eating 6 McDoubles and 5 large fries. We couldn't NOT eat them while they were fresh and now we're both freaking stuffed to the brim. How inconvenient. TL:DR; this was an awesome experience. Thanks for making it friendly and easy. It seems like lately you're lucky to get neutral service, but normally everywhere you go the service is poor. This place was definitely AWESOME service!
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So.. I don't recommend Aspen Dental to anyone as they are completely incompetent. I went there today to have a tooth removed but they told me that they couldn't do it because I was under the influence of Valium. NOTE: this is the Valium that they prescribed for me to take 1hr prior to my appointment. Apparently during my last appointment I was supposed to sign some waivers that they FORGOT???? to give to me. They also did not call me during the week and a half wait time between appointments to come in and sign the paperwork. Instead they waited until I was in the back preparing to get the tooth out to tell me they had some bad news. After they told me I went outside and I yelled. I had to release my anger and frustration. I didn't yell any words, or even continuously. I have been in immense pain THAT GOT WORSE while waiting between appointments and them NOT pulling this tooth today means that I am in for who knows how many more days of pain. At this point the owner (I'm guessing???) came out and told me that I am not allowed to hit their building. ...Wait what? I told her "I didn't hit the building..." and she told me "Yes, you did. I watched you." I showed her my knuckles (which were not even red from the cold of outside yet.) She continued to lecture me so I walked away from her. Kat was also with me and can back up that I didn't hit anything. So basically the owner, Kim, called me a liar. So ANYWAY, BACK TO THE PAST: When I called them to tell them that the pain was getting worse their response was "Well, it can take up to 48 hours for the antibiotics to take effect and start working..." and when I responded that it had been over that time frame they changed their story to "72 hours" which had also passed. So, today when I went in -- BEFORE I was told that we couldn't get the tooth pulled today they told me that "sometimes the antibiotics aren't strong enough..." and they prescribed me a NEW type of antibiotic. So guess what? My tooth is STILL infected. STILL abscess and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it until I can find another dentist. DO NOT GO TO ASPEN DENTAL. THEY ARE COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL AND INCREDIBLY RUDE.
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