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Our state of the art lighting and DJ strobes come with every package for events held January 2016 on. — at Royal Palace Banquet Hall.

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"The World is a Puzzle We're Two Pieces that Fit Perfectly Together" #wedding   #weddinginspiration   #weddingideas   #weddingphotography  +Royal Palace Banquet Hall 
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Wedding Photography

Gotta make sure I post Wedding Pictures frequently so people keep remembering I'm a wedding photographer (not a cat photographer... haha)

And seeing as today is a Worldwide Conference for my Church #LDSconf
I figured I'd post a few wedding pictures at LDS Temples

These buildings are important symbols to these young couples of a life of commitment to the important principles in their life and a symbol of forgiveness and closeness to God.

My Job
And as such it is an important part of My Job to make a link between the couples and this symbol.

Be it any of the following or more:
Loving (Embraces)
Joy and Excitement

A Wedding really is a Beautiful Thing
! Best of Weddings (29 photos)
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We hear these words often.. but we’re definitely not sick of it :)
Here’s a quick snap of the common words people have used to describe Royal Palace in their reviews on the many social sites. The bigger the word the more people have used that word- cool right! We know you all have much better things to do than read each and every review, so we summarized it for you!!

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Los Angeles County Sheriff S/R Chief Gary A. Nalbandian's Surprise 50 at Royal Palace Banquet Hall .

Royal Palace had the honor to share Gary A. Nalbandian’s BIG 5_0 with him! With special guests Chief Lee Baca and 40th district attorney Gil Garectti.

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