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Hello There all ! 
One of are team members just got a new computer and realized that there was missing dependency's in the u2t ppa. If you are trying to test this out and you click the cog in the bottom right hand side of the screen (in the dash) and it just spins and nothing happens. Please install 

I will update the full package when I get some free time. But this should fix it. Have a good one and enjoy ! 
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There is an Ubuntu TV meeting in 5 minutes in #ubuntu-meeting on Freenode.  Given broader community concerns around Ubuntu lately, I am going to take this time to discuss how Canonical and Community can and should work together on TV, listen to grievances, and plan our future path.
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Ever wanted to Learn QML ?  Ever wanted to make a App for Ubuntu Phone or the TV or the tablet ?  Don't know QML or wish you knew more ?  

Well you are in Luck !

This Saturday at 15:00 UTC (3 pm UTC) Join +Joseph Mills and other for live(Ubuntu On Air) 4 hour class on how to program in QML, How to tie this all into the  TV,Phone and Tablet.

Come Learn fancy things from +Joseph Mills    
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Are you good at c++ ?  then we need your help.  Join us on the #ubuntu -tv channel on freenode server for more details.  
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+Joseph Mills  Presents Ubuntu TV mock up to a Linux User Group
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EDIT This event has ended stay tuned for more events.
Its Friday again which means that there is a community meeting today. If you would like to voice your option about Ubuntu TV,This is the place to do just that.  Or if you just want updates on what the team has been working on.
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we (the Ubuntu TV team are working on getting this rescheduled) 
stay tuned for more Updates.
 Sorry for the inconvenience

After argh[1] awesome meeting yesterday. We (Ubuntu TV Team)  have pin-pointed Some Key area's in where the community can get involved. If you would like to get involved in Ubuntu TV we are going to be holding some events in the next week that will (hopefully) set up a framework for the future of community hacking sessions.  These sessions are for non-programmers that would like to get involved with Ubuntu TV. If you are a programmer and would like to get involved in Ubuntu TV just send us a email on are mailing list. 

Up and coming events for non-programmers 

When  Feb 6th 2012 6pm UTC
Where Irc freenode server on the channel #ubuntu -tv / Google Hangout 
 *Topic:*  Getting more non-programmers involved in The Ubuntu TV project. 

A) Setting up a documentation session.
        Want to get involved in Ubuntu and you are not a programmer.  Then this is for you. Join us on Feb 6th. When we will be setting our goals for documentation. In this meeting we will talk about our  Wiki page and how we can make it better. We will also talk about our goals for the future of documentation and how we can tie together some of the documentation that is already out there that we use (Myth TV stuff).

B)  *Writing documentation for Ubuntu TV Wiki page. * 
        In this in this session we will be talking about how to create a wiki page and what simple tools there are out there for non-programmers to use. Like setting up a launchpad account. Signing into

 Using the editor and where to ask for help if needed.

C)  *Look and feel of Ubuntu TV*
        This session will be live via Google Hangout (with Joseph Mills) for people to watch and learn how they can install Ubuntu TV to a virtual machine. Then we will talk about How to start testing for Simple bugs that you may encounter. 

 "I can not see the name of a video in the dash because the font is too small"
"I open previews for firefox and there is no Image" 

D) How to prep a computer for Myth TV
        As many of you may or may not know we are going to be using Myth TV as a backend. If you do not know what Myth TV is or have never set this powerful software up then this session is for you. We will also be talking about user how user friendly  things are. What tools developers can make to make. So that the the set up maybe lot more simple.

 E)  *Summing it all up*

        In this final session we will be talking about what we learned and where we can go from here.  Who are some people that would like to help and how to keep them from "sitting on there hands" Planing the next session. And where to get help if one gets stuck.  

Thanks for you support with the Ubuntu TV project. and we look forward to meeting you. 

Neil Young - Rockin' In The Free World
[1]... E Matey
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EDIT This event has ended stay tuned for more events.
Join the Ubuntu TV Developers' IRC Meeting:
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