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On Redemption
#writeingrief Day 11 Saved. Fixed. I have written about this. About how I can't be fixed. About how I don't need to be fixed.  I know that's what those who love me would like to do. I would like to fix things for my people who hurt, too. I'm not sure there ...

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Take It Back
#writeingrief Day 10 I don’t know what to do with this. I don’t know how to write into the present absence. I don’t know how to talk about how the loss carves its way into everything.  I don’t know how to do that right now. I don’t wanna. But I do. I need t...

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#writeingrief Day 9- Mess around with NO.  Ok. You asked for it.  No. No, you cannot tell me to be grateful for the blessings that I have. No, you cannot question whether I should use such ugly words. No, you cannot ask me how I am doing and expect me to be...

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My Words That Need to Be Written
#writeingrief Day 8- Write about “the obstinance of words.”  I love that this prompt so stubbornly wrote itself. This is always how writing is for me. Sometimes I relent and let the words have their way. Sometimes I think I can win because I’m stubborn, too...

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On Habits of After
#writeingrief Day 7-Writing into the habits of grief. I don’t wanna. I don’t. want. to. go. here.  “They aren’t habits we chose happily…” -Megan Devine Nope. They are habits I would give back if it meant I could wake up from this nightmare. I know I won’t. ...

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#writeingrief Day 6-Again, this was written some time ago.  Write into habits. I’ve sat down with this prompt three times this week but haven’t written a word.  Write into habits. Habits. Habits.  Checking my bump. First it was bloat and then it was baby. A...

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The Beauty in After
#writeingrief Round 2  Day 5-This post was written moons ago. "We are broken but not damaged." -Megan Devine Writing into the beauty is intimidating. We do certainly have a beauty that is unlike anything I have ever known. I couldn't see it Before. I didn't...

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It Just Is
#writeingrief  Round 2 Day 4- I couldn't write this yesterday. I felt frozen. I couldn't even sit down and write into feeling frozen. Maybe I was just being lazy. So today I am forcing myself to sit with this prompt.  I was instantly hesitant when I read th...

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The Spiral
#writeingrief Round 2 Day 3- Earlier today I came across a very timely paragraph I wrote about five years ago when I attended a week-long writing institute on genocide. In preparation for the institute, we created identity boxes. In my identity box, I inclu...

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On the Love That Is
#writeingrief Round 2 Day 2- I keep reading this prompt and hoping that I will figure out how to say the right thing. How do I say the thing that I need to say?  Will I ever learn to trust this process? Stop trying so hard to do it right? I know that I just...
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