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ashley strutt
flyfishing, flytying, travel, music, linux/android and sci-fi loving archaeologist
flyfishing, flytying, travel, music, linux/android and sci-fi loving archaeologist

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Hi All, I have just spent the morning installing ubuntu touch on a nexus 5 and all seemed find but at first but I am finding that I am unable to open any apps including the ones that were already installed. Is there a way to fix this or have I wasted my time?

Time to find a SwiftKey replacement, that deal with Microsoft stinks! 

Hi, I installed this app on to my Pebble time and it worked great, but all I get now is that when I start it on my Pebble it just stalls with the loading message. 

Really miffed that I have to miss #oggcamp15 due to overpriced hotels! Anyone want my ticket? 

Hi, I installed this app and seems to work fine and would like to use it more. However, what is stopping me is being unable to add power amp in the music section. It isn't list but things such as music boss and ajreader (ebook app) is. Any suggestions? 

Hi All, I am new with community and wondering if anyone can help, I have spent the past few days looking for information regarding clean vinyl and wondering if is there actually any that is unbiased? In particular, I am looking for information regarding home made solutions. 

nice to get home to new raven and stream of passion vinyl AND text to say my pebble time is on its way... 

Very pleased that feedly has been added but I am unable to sign in with google using 2step authentication as well as twitter account. I get the same results with both in that it appears to login then noth. It asks which account I want to sign in with. using it on a S5 if that helps. 

Happy New Year to all. No resolutions but I have goals. Mostly to finish stuff so I can move on. Biggest goal though is to start doing youtube videos for the #vinyl community but may not happen due to me not liking to watch myself. 

Since this mornings update to 2.9-beta6 notifications from googles Inbox are no longer coming through to the watch. Has anyone else had this problem? 
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