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The first time Claire opened the
closet door and found a long, dark hallway, she closed the door and left.  A silver jolt of adrenaline snarled up from her
stomach to her heart and then constricted around her throat.  Her fingers curled arthritically around...

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Straight to Hell
There ain't no need for you! There ain't no need for you… Go straight to hell, boy… Go straight to hell, boy! D’ya wanna know a secret? 
I think I like The Menzingers’ cover of Straight to Hell better than the
original rendition by The Clash.  Don’t
tell an...

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Shouldn't Someone Start Freaking Out Right Now?
I have no idea where I am or where I’ll be going, so running
seems like a bad idea.  I’m not too
terribly far from Nelson Boulevard, but I honestly don’t know Nelson all that
well so I might get lost even if I get back there.  And I can’t very well start as...

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Just Think "What Would Batman Do?"
Across the abyss stands a fading figure.  Monolithic, but for the steady
particle-by-particle erasing, he is Promethean, cradling fire in his palm.  Dissipating from existence while the fire
flickers and struggles, he twists. 
Contorts.  Multifaceted eyes l...

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Decorated Soldier
The last thing Anna did before she left yesterday was tell
me to talk to Susan and ask what she thought about my costumed crusade.  Well, the last thing she did was make out with me some more, but that’s not the
point.  The point is, Anna kinda sorta
owns m...

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Bug Out
I wake up at one forty-seven pm trying to cough one or both
of my lungs up.  Coughing, being a rather
physically engaging activity, reminds me just how bruised, knotted, and abraded
my shoulders, head, arms, and back are. 
I cough and cough and cough ‘til I...

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I shouldn’t be doing this without my costume. The only way I can even come close to justifying jumping
from roof to roof like this is that in this particular low-income district of
downtown it’s possible for normal people to do it too.  The buildings are on...

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Nuclear Family Fission Revisited
No new story this week, but for those of you who follow the blog (real or imaginary), I'd recommend rereading Nuclear Family Fission .  I made some revisions and decided now was the time to properly introduce it into the novel. It's a good thing people don'...

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Held Hands and Hate Crimes
The bus is abuzz with gossip when I step on.  Boone heads back to his usual group and
though they immediately start talking, I kinda doubt it’s about the same thing
as everyone else.  Boone’s never seemed
like the gossipy sort. Unfortunately for me, some of...

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Magnetic Moment
“Oh, come on!” Boone snorts, finally getting his breathing back to normal. “It’s hard enough to get any respect without everyone
thinking I’m some idiot teenage Peter Parker wannabe!” “ Aren’t you just
some idiot teenage Peter Parker wannabe?” I glare. “Tha...
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