My Mistake

You told me that you treasured the truth
And I was foolish enough to believe you
For I was stripping away the lies in my life
Wishing for company on my painful quest

You sat back and smiled at my efforts
To rebuild my life on a stronger base
I seemed so cute in my innocence
Too harmless to cause you any discomfort

So you envisioned yourself as a mentor
And me
Your stunning little pupil
You didn't see me shake my head at your delusions
For I had played that game too
And knew it for the fallacy it was

How were you to know
How sharp my truths would become?
How were you to understand
My innocence was actually humility
Trying to emerge
Through the tatters of my ego?

For I am still perfecting that humility
So I may someday see
The world as it truly is
And my childish glee at success
Still manifests itself as pride

Before you knew it
My truths pierced your facade
A carefully built house of cards
That allowed you to keep
The rest of yourself
At arm's length from everybody
Including yourself

Now you hide
From the very thing
You had encouraged to grow
And my foolish hopes
Of you growing too
Have been smashed to pieces

I have become wiser now
Knowing that I am a fool

From now on, new poetry from me only. It won't be on a daily basis, but I will try for a few a week.
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