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The Poetry of Amanda Barncord Doerr
Offering a space to breathe and other curiosities.
Offering a space to breathe and other curiosities.

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Interesting situation....

I have currently entered five of my poems in a contest for a game I play under a pseudonym and I am doing my best to make sure no one accuses me of stealing my own works. (To my knowledge, no one has yet.)

Anyway, in case anyone from Celsius comes to this page, I am indeed Juliannabariman in your game, and the following poems are my own works:

A Day Full of You
Deeper Love
Kindred Spirits
He Called Me a Rose
Love Without Cliches

(off to post this on each poem and one of my older sites...)

Almost Music’s Captive

Melodies weave around and through me
A happy puppet in Music’s mystic hands
And yet my spirit sings inside that it’s free
As my body surrenders to rhythm’s plan

But my pride and insecurity hold me back
How can I trust this mindless force?
Capable of making one a maniac
Or bringing out the deepest remorse

Perhaps one day I will truly trust it
Letting poise, fear, and reason go
Abandoning the trappings of gravity and wit
To merge with the vibrating hypnotic flow

On that day, I will give up my eyes
And let my ears fantasize 

I think of you as twilight falls 
Standing under the eaves 
Engulfed in kairos I breathe 
The serein that softens the breeze 
And though I am experiencing heaven 
I close my eyes and imagine your embrace 
As my head lays upon your chest 
Listening to the rhythm of you heart 
I remember the mornings 
Sirimiri outside our window 
As the distant thunder promised us 
A reason to stay in bed 
I open my eyes and wonder 
How is it possible to feel such peace 
And yet still wish for you 
I suppose when one experiences perfection 
Only the perfect moments come to mind 
But all moments end 
Even those that taste of eternity 

kairos - an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment (the supreme moment). The ancient Greeks had two words for time, chronos and kairos. While the former refers to chronological or sequential time, the latter signifies a time lapse, a moment of indeterminate time in which everything happens. 

serein - fine rain falling after sunset from a sky in which no clouds are visible. 

Sirimiri -very light rain; stronger than mist but less than a shower 

My spirit was born of sunlight surrounded by wind
My body was pulled from the earth to welcome the rain
My heart's strength is a roaring fire that burns within
My will became tempered through the paths of pain
Despite those who would tame me, I still remain
True to the creative power that within me resides
Curse me, hate me, speak of me with disdain
My path and companions are mine to decide

Those who have never known where I've been
May label me difficult or insist I'm insane
While trying to steal the glory of the words I spin
Genius and talent are rarely found with the mundane
Safety and security this rocky trail doesn't contain 
It is easy to fall along the rocks of the wayside
Through inspiration may cut across the grain
My path and companions are mine to decide

And even when I invite another soul to begin
A dance with creativity's campaign
They too must follow their music within
To honor the rhythm of their sacred strain
And when our paths lead us twain
Our muses unable the other to abide
We shall let give them space and not detain
My path and companions are mine to decide

Let neither of us keep the other chained
To that vision which cannot be applied
Follow your path as you will, but remember again
My path and companions are mine to decide

The Mermaid's Kiss

He sat upon the sea-worn pier 
The golden sun said night was near 
The tide rode high, caress'n his feet 
His home was bare - no soul to greet 
Neptune's daughter came up to play 
Seeking adventure in the bay 
Swimming under the lonely man 
She stroke his foot with her hand 
She laughed in delight at his cry 
Mischief still sparkling in her eyes 
He said, "If you must frighten me, miss, 
At least give me a proper kiss." 
She swam up her face alluring 
With breasts that set desires burning 
Her kiss consumed his very soul 
Over the deep she let him go 
He fought to swim back to the shore 
While praying for rescue he swore 
"I'll never ask for 'nother 'maid's kiss. 
For mermaids give just poisoned bliss." 

St. George and the Dragon 

The Dragon was hungry 
The Dragon was wild 
The Dragon poisoned everything 
Around for miles and miles 

The people gave the Dragon all they had 
Until they resorted to feeding him their lasses and lads 
And then it was the Princess's turn to be eaten 
A heavy sorrow by far that could not be sweetened 

Tied on the shore of the lake she was found 
When Saint George the brave knight came around 
The princess begged him to go away 
But the knight, noble as ever, decided to stay 

The Dragon was hungry 
The Dragon was wild 
The Dragon poisoned everything 
Around for miles and miles 

The beast bellowed as it left its lair 
Not at all happy to see a knight standing there 
It roared and it spit and it reared up high 
To strike at the man, whom its dinner did deny 

George stood resolute, his arm was strong 
His spear was poised and readied, true and long 
He lunged at the dragon using all his might 
But the demon scales shattered it in the fight 

The Dragon was hungry 
The Dragon was wild 
The Dragon poisoned everything 
Around for miles and miles 

Unhorsed, Saint George retreated behind an orange tree 
There, protected from the poison, he took the time to breathe 
His strength recovered, he fought the dragon anew. 
Until even his own armor was split into two 

Behind the orange tree, he recovered again 
Cured from the poison, he spotted it then 
A scaleless spot under the dragon's breast 
He charged at the beast as a man possessed 

The Dragon was hungry 
The Dragon was wild 
The Dragon poisoned everything 
Around for miles and miles 

The dragon crumbled, spouting blood in defeat 
There was no reason to fear, no need for retreat 
The princess was saved from certain demise 
She thanked the knight emphatically with tears in her eyes 

No more would they sacrifice their children and lambs 
No more would they live upon a cursed, poisoned land 
No more would the dragon nightmare rule the spring day 
For Saint George, the gallant, that monster did slay

A Muse looked down upon the town 
A town condemned by Fates's decree 
Upon the town, the Muse looked down 
"With this harsh sentence, I must disagree." 
Searching the wooded knoll and sandy shoal 
Until she found a wise and worthy soul 
Meek of bearing, generous and kind 
Broad in intellect, sound in mind 
Humble and hidden behind the town gates 
She called her sisters to support her find 
As the Muses waged battle against the Fates 

A Fate watched with a displeased frown 
Why couldn't they let Fates' judgment be? 
Must the Muses try to snatch that crown 
To dictate the course of humanity? 
It wasn't for mortals to question the goal 
Why did the Muses think they deserve control? 
Even educated, men and women were blind 
Short-sighted and impulsive often inclined 
Creating chaos while the storm abates 
What right did they have to call Fate unkind 
As the Muses waged battle against the Fates 

Stubbornly, the Muses held their ground 
It was the Fates who were unable to see 
What right did they have to keep bound 
They were not the rulers of infinity 
The Muse once pleaded, but now cajoled 
Judgment was not meant to be Fates' role 
No orders from the gods were signed 
Nor details of the punishment outlined 
The Muses demanded details and dates 
For fairness and opportunity they pined 
As the Muses waged battle against the Fates 

The soul which had been Muse-found 
Filled with inspiration and charity 
Seeing his town about to be drowned 
Countered the Fates with creativity 
While the raging sea tooks it toll 
His insight and action kept the town whole 
Perhaps the waves could not be confined 
But a town is more than buildings refined 
While they worked to escape their dire straights 
Not even a single person was left behind 
As the Muses waged battle against the Fates 

The Fates screamed loudly in rage unbound 
How could the Muses avert their calamity? 
Were they not more than entertaining clowns 
Who were they to rob a Fate of dignity? 
They who made men quake from pole to pole 
They who made widows cry and bells toll 
How dare the Muses with genius bind 
A mortal, a member of humankind 
Giving him the means and skills to create 
An escaped from the killer storm designed 
As the Muses waged battle against the Fates 

Among the resulting debris the man strolled 
Knowing his town had only been paroled 
With new knowledge and insight combined 
He realized that fate could be re-aligned 
His town's future was one of cleaned slates 
The teeth of the Fates began to gnaw and grind 
As the Muses waged battle against the Fates 

Awake and restless, I look out into the dark 
To search for a light in your window. 
My bed, though soft, sleep will not hark. 
My heart searches for answers I don't know. 
My mind says "This is foolish - let it go." 
"Silly woman, some things were never meant to be." 
Yet the light in your window transfixes me. 

Deeper Love

Love is something for the young 
At least that is what I’ve been told 
The giddy hearts – the silver tongues 
Speaking words of sunlight and gold 
But, my friend, if I could be so bold 
Love is richer and much more pure 
When it blossoms in hearts that are mature 

Your pulse may race – your head may be light 
All your pesky cares may be forgotten 
The shadow of grief and pain take flight 
But that’s not the love you take to the coffin 
Yet there is a love much deeper within 
That can stare disappointment in the face 
And never doubt the depth of their lover’s grace 

To see the wrinkles, spots, and scars 
And count each imperfection dear 
To drink in the sunset, not the stars 
To see clearly, when the eyes aren’t clear 
This is the passion I treasure and revere 
For the greatest beauty to ever behold 
Is the power of love strong enough to be old 

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The Daffodil Naiad
written around 2001

Entranced by golden swirls
I wade into the pool
It is too good to be true, I tell myself
The pool assures me I am wrong
The others around me play at the edges
They praise the pool
Admire it
Tell me I should go in further
They have reasons why they cannot
But the pool compliments me, they say
We are well matched

Playing at the edge
They do not see the blackness beneath the golden film
That peeks for brief moments between the swirls
At first, I'm not certain I see them myself
Then another one shows
I call attention to it
The others patronize me
I am being paranoid
This is a safe pool
Not at all like the others that nearly destroyed me
But they never waded in those pools
They were golden too

Playing at the edge
They are safe
The pool is happy to leave them there
Why not me?

Looking at my distorted reflection among the swirls
I know the answer
I came from one of these pools
I have the ability to feed them
That is why they call for me

I disturb the swirls with my hand
More of the black shows itself
I try to tell the edge players
Some ponder and concede I might be right
Others think I am imagining things
I look back down
Knowing the decision I must make

They have never swam the golden pools
I have
I turn from the center
Trailing golden swirls
As the edge players stare at me
Never understanding
That in the depths awaits my death
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