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Ideas are like farts, if you have to force it it's probably shit.
Ideas are like farts, if you have to force it it's probably shit.
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Airborne Watch Face Giveaway!!
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Bluetooth smart wallet about to launch, please go and sign up for their news letter so I can earn points towards a discount when I buy it.

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My watch has developed a fault in the last few weeks.

While it is on the charger it works fine but the instant you remove it the watch switches off.

Then when I place it back on the charger it restarts but says it has only 1% battery.
I'm at the point now of sending it to Huawei to get fixed but was just wondering if anyone else experienced the same problem?

When is Google planning to release android pay on the UK?

Apple pay is everywhere, I can't remember the last time I went to buy something that didn't have an apple pay logo.

If the competition takes much longer it might be to little too late.

+Google UK

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Got to love the nexus 6P battery

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I think I did something to annoy him. 

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Had the huawei watch for about a week now.
Reality great device but the battery isn't what I expected and totally different to what others are reporting.
Max I get is a working day, about 14 hours.
Last night to died completely after 13 hours. 

Has anyone in the UK got a nexus 6P delivery yet?

+Android +Nexus 
#android   #nexus  
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