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I'm not a fan of the gym (yet). Any tips on what to listen to to zone out while there?
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I have different playlists depending on what I'm doing. Are you going there to run on the treadmill?
Learned my lesson- I am not a fan of the gym - kept on getting hurt  so I took up a sport that I really like that is a great workout instead. I swim and work with a Swim Coach. LUV IT!  When I don't swim, I walk. 
+Wendy Kirby  Cardio and weight training to keep us ready for next season. I do the treadmill one day, arc trainer two. (they wrote me an officially looking plan and everything). 
+The Daily Basics  I used to love swimming, but as an adult I got away from it. My parents have a pool - I think this summer I will be making some time for it :D 
+Kita Roberts Hmmmm I don't have my playlists handy but I know I started them off with some slower songs and then built up to fast paced songs at the point I would be running hard. Incorporated more slow songs at the end to cool down. 
It has been the best thing I ever did as an adult- kind to your joints and a MAJOR workout.  Highly recommend if you have any interest- so much fun!
first of all , warm your body , up , do not  forget  if you do not warm your body before  you starting your gym  may badly hurt your  body
if want to lose some weight or Diet -one thing u must remember is if u want to eat just eat but make sure that u have agood eat secound  u must never make any anything that can cause u deazies(pain or such that thinglike that) than u must never foget eat vegatable&fruit  4/5 times  
in 1 week the last is don't forse to GYM ormake a exercise if u can't du it just make as u can do......if want to chat or talk with me just add me in my facebook name is saiber neo(the picture my fb is final fantasi in blue colours with it shadow)
I just decided this morning I'm going to try audiobooks! 
I HATE the gym.  But when I do go, I usually zone out on Real Housewives of ____ :)  It seems to be on a continuous loop on Bravo.  This is assuming your gym has cheap, mini TVs attached to cardio machines.

Otherwise, I take a spin class with an instructor who kicks my butt into gear. 
I watch the golf channel or food network on the TVs while doing cardio.  For weights, my gym plays the music so loud it is useless to try to listen to your own!
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