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Ok, just posted in the forums- but this is what I got on the OP kickstarter page- please log in to the OP forums if you can (or create a new account, like I did) and help support me- going to put the same thing in the public group.
Obsidian Portal Creator on March 17

Please post the tickets IDs that you are referring to. We have never closed any issues received from our users. It looks like you are looking to discredit out website by posting these messages here without providing any specific information about what you are referring to.

I am officially banned now off the forums, with the new forum software.
We have almost completed our move- only 100 pages left.
Should I beg forgiveness, or move on??

I am here, but will be making most of my comments privately in the other forum, as I still want to honor my promise of not saying anything publicly to preserve my players' work.
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