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Outrage, Controversy and the Use & Abuse of Medical Time-Outs

Every year at every Grand Slam the issue of medical time-outs rears its head. Sports pundits, players and ex-players like myself have argued that the rules surrounding medical time-outs are too vague, contradictory, easy to abuse, and hard to enforce.

A best-of-5 set Grand Slam match is a marathon no matter how you look at it. Is there any other sport in the world that allows the athlete to take an extended break towards the end of a match/game/event when they are...

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My Championship Diet  —  Then vs Now

Some things have changed a lot since I was a professional player. Other things not so much. The two “off court” things that have changed the most are diet and recovery.

Many believe that it’s fitness training that has advanced the most since the 80’s and that may be true for some observers and coaches but not for me. I’ve always loved to work out and so always surrounded myself with the best trainers who could help and teach me. I was the first on the tour to really focus on things like stability work, core work and stretching. Very early I was doing scientific...

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My Championship Diet – Then vs Now

How I went from a high carb pasta diet during my pro career to the revolutionary Ketogenic diet that's keeping me fit and healthy today.

#health #fitness #food #nutrition #patcash #tennis #sport #ketogenicdiet #diet

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A few years ago for an episode of CNN Open Court I had the pleasure to chat with with Serena Williams, Venus Williams and their team. A more friendly and lovely group of people I couldn't have hoped to meet.

Some of the first words out of Serena's mouth was "I hope you have time to hit with me?"....Really? I suppose I can clear my schedule ha ha ha.

After the interview we talked about technique, strategy and the dying art of volleying. So this went from a quick interview, to brainstorming session, to full training session.

I can't talk about what we worked on but the thing I walked away with was how open and interested Serena, Venus and the whole team was in getting better.

The lesson is to never stop being curious. Always keep learning. Strive to get better and never close your mind to new ideas.

It's this mindset that has allowed Serena and Venus to always bounce back from adversity and maintain their place as two of the greatest competitors sport has to offer.

This is more clear than ever after Serena takes her 23rd Grand Slam title at the Australian Open. Truly amazing.

#SerenaWilliams #VenusWilliams #williams #ausopen #grandslam #tennis #inspiration #motivation

#SerenaWilliams continues to make history with her 23rd Grand Slam 🏆. Just amazing! Further solidifies her place among the greatest sports people ever.

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My interview with Kinley Fowler is not on +YouTube.

#kinleyfowler #patcash #oracleteamusa #americascup

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Kinley Fowler, Trimmer/Grinder Oracle Team USA — Interview With A Famous Face

#kinleyfowler #patcash #interview #oracleteamusa #americascup 

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