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+Tony Fader [AppSheet] I need to limit the rows of data in a table a user sees when he is logged in based on his assigned [Customer ID]. I have a 'Users' table in the spreadsheet that assigns a [User Email] to a [Customer ID].

I have a security filter for my table that seems like it should work

[Customer ID] = LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(),Users,User Email,Customer ID)

It should be returning 4 rows for the user who is logged in.

It returns nothing for the user. The app is empty of data.

What is wrong with my expression?

I already tried the suggested solution:

IN([Customer ID], SELECT(Users[Customer ID], [User Email] = USEREMAIL()))

Also returns 0 rows for the user.

Anyone else have this happening?

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Happy Easter!
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Hey Scott, do you have a twitter account?  I want to tweet about the new sparth book and link to your account.
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Social Butterfly
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In Wordpress 3.9 the editor gets a huge upgrade.

WordPress is continually improving itself for both developers and end users -and in  this latest release, things get pretty snazzy for the end user.

If you are familiar with editing your own Blog posts and pages you probably have accepted that what you see in  the editor isn't always what you get.  Sometimes it's completely different and that can be frustrating.

3.9 has features like interactive image sizing right in the editor and a bunch of other awesome features.

Upgrade your installation as soon as possible and check out all the features on your dashboard!   Very impressive.
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Google Storage plans get 5 times better.

I got an email from Google today saying that the 200GB of storage I pay them $9.99 a month for is going to now increase to 1TB.

Awesome considering all my working client files, photos and videos are taking up almost all my space.  Changing away from my old expensive legacy plan to the new one is a no-brainer.  

Wonder how DropBox and other providers are going to respond to this? Google was already cheaper.
Now it's ridiculously cheaper.
Plus it's all integrated with Gmail and other services.

As I right this, DropBox is still offering 100GB of storage for $9.99. That's 10 times more expensive then storing your stuff in Google Drive.  

With More and More video editing and visual effects work coming my way,  This is awesome  for my business.  Thank you Google.
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New: Add-ons for Google Docs & Sheets

We all have printed shipping labels at some point in our life time. Always best to get the Avery template you need in MS Word right?

Been a MailChimp fan for a while and I know a lot of my customers use it.

And I know a lot of people who write for a living and email word documents back and forth for approvals. 

Looks like Google Apps docs and spreadsheets got a lot more user friendly for business.  You can now search and install addons that allow you to do things like print Avery labels, Design emails for MailChimp, and get approvals on documents you are producing for your boss or even freelance writing.  

Here's Google's video on this great new feature.
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Time Warner Increases it's Download Speed for it's customers.

Nora called me this morning to say she got a message from Time Warner Cable that they were doubling our business internet speed from 50mbps to 100mbps and we just needed to reset our router to get the increase.  

For all the details, I immediately searched for the actual online news from Time Warner and found it here:

I had been having problems with our internet on yesterday (Monday) and had already reset our router.  So I went to and was impressed at the results for the download (113mbps) but dismayed at our crappy upload (5mbps).

As a web developer and film editor, 5mbps upload is horrendous. I finish a 2GB video for a customer, upload it to my website (, and get to wait about an hour or more depending on the time of day. 

If they could double my upload to 10mbps, on the plan I'm on, that would be great.  But they won't.

Just got this text from Nora:
"So I just called Time Warner. The only watt to get more up time is to get the fiber with 10 down 10 up dedicated line and it would be $999 per month. Such a fucking joke. We will stick with our lousy 5 till I can campaign Google to put fiber here."

Google fiber is over 1000mbps up 1000mbps down for $70 a month.

In Google's own words:
"Google Fiber will provide an internet connection speed of one gigabit per second for both download and upload. This is 1,024 megabits per second, or 128 megabytes per second (there are 8 bits in a byte), or roughly 100 times faster access than what most Americans have."

By comparison, my 2GB video file would take 17 seconds to upload.

The good news is that Google is expanding it's Fiber market and it will be available sometime in the future in southern california, but there's no saying when.  

Also, Google isn't stopping at 1000mbps.  They have plans in motion to increase their top speeds up to 10,000mbps (10gbps).

At 10gbps, my 2GB video would take 1 second to upload. In this article by USA today, the target is to acchieve this in 3 years for consumers.  
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Wordpress 3.7 Automatically Updates Itself.

If you haven't logged into your website in a while, you will probably find that you need to apply some updates.  The web is constantly changing and technology gets better and better daily.  Programmers squash coding bugs, update their code to make things work better etc.

The free software roughly one third of all websites run on is WordPress.   It's very popular among site owners and developers like myself because it's simple and easy to use.  It's also very scale-able.  Some of the largest sites in the world are running on it including the New York Times.

Because of it's popularity, it's a nice target for hackers.  It's quite the challenge for them to break in these days, which can be enjoyable for them, and as of version 3.7, it's become even more of a challenge.  

If your server setup permits it, Wordpress can now update itself with important security patches.  All sites I've built for my customers, hosted on my servers are update capable.

I get asked a lot, "is WordPress secure?".  The truth is, nothing is absolutely secure.  Security isn't black and white.  There are only degrees of security, and the degree that something is secure is largely dependent on how proactive you are to keep it that way.   

Automatic WordPress updates help you stay proactive in securing your site, but this doesn't totally secure it.  

To keep your site safe from hackers, you'll need to continue logging in and updating your plugins and you will want to check your site periodically to determine if it has any malware injected into it. is a great tool for finding bad code on a compromised site.

In fact, if you happen to have malicious code injected into your site somewhere,  An automatic update doesn't necessarily handle it.  It can perpetrates it.  There are cases of this already being reported by some WordPress Users.  

Log in and apply your updates.  Check for injected malware.  Backup your site if you aren't too.  Sometimes all your efforts will fail and that kid in Iran will break into your site and deface it.  A backup is a godsend to help get everything back to normal quickly right after you change your password to something a litter harder to crack than "password" or "12345".
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