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4525 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33140
4525 Collins AvenueUSFloridaMiami Beach33140
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"I will definitely be back to Capt. Joe's Boat rental."
"Great prices, the nicest boats you can rent in miami!"
"Absolutely terrible service."
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john doe
2 years ago
The boats are dirty, And everyone smokes cigarettes and look like white trash.I went out and they ran out of gas because of misleading gouges. They were late on my appointment and looked at my wife like a hungry soul.And then asked in the middle of my so called tour that tips are always welcomed.After waiting over an hour for gas that they tryed to bill me for.The place is a fouth class operation with low life people there that smell and look like &£€¥=÷₩× .Sorry we went.
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Chris White's profile photo
Chris White
3 years ago
I want to thank all the reviews that posted honest negative experiences. I am short on money, I have an illness, and I want to enjoy my time left on this Earth rather than fighting with con artists. I will NOT be renting from Captain Joe or American rentals. They both sound like rip off artists...
A Google User
4 years ago
I needed a fast but economical motor boat for a photo shoot. Capt. Joe set me up and everything went very smoothly. I picked the boat up first thing in the morning and cruised to Coconut Grove. I spent the day chasing the sailboats on Biscayne Bay. I was a little late getting back to Capt. Joe's marina and it was no problem at all. The boat ran great and the fuel consumption was almost nothing. It was a great deal. I will definitely be back to Capt. Joe's Boat rental.
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A Google User
4 years ago
This guy is a CON ARTIST. We reserved a boat for 10 people from 10am to 6pm. We were about 20 minutes late but didn't call to let him know because we had put a deposit down so we assumed that the boat would be waiting for us. Besides, this is Miami...nobody's on time here, ever. We show up, Cpt. Joe says they don't have any boats left and they gave ours away because we didn't call. We said we paid a deposit, he said it's not their policy to hold boats. We argued that we rented it for 8 hours and we were only 20 minutes late. Then he said that our reservation was at 9am, even though we had called to confirm the day before. Then he completely changed his story and said some other people showed up and he thought they were us so he gave them the boat. Finally, after arguing for an hour, he gave us a smaller boat for half the time for more money. We were tired of arguing so we took it. While we were out on the water, the boat cut off several times and would not restart immediately. We called them, and they were not helpful. So because of this we got back to the dock an hour late. Even though it was their fault for having a malfunctioning boat, he tried to charge us $1000 for being one hour late, when the original price was only 500. He'd already authorized our card for 1000 in case something happened to the boat, and he was trying to keep that money even though we did no damage to the boat. It took an hour of arguing before we finally got him down to 550, and we took the deal and ran before he could charge us more. CON ARTIST. DISHONEST. And overall disrespectful JERK. I will be reporting him to the Better Business Bureau.
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Shelby Barbier's profile photo
Shelby Barbier
7 years ago
Overall the experience was average. The boat we wanted was available but was very dirty when we arrived so we had to clean it before we departed. The boat we rented was $100 per hour for a 4 hour period plus fuel and taxes. Capt. Joe offered to charge only a flat fee for fuel in the amount of $130. This sounded OK at first but when we returned we realized that it would be impossible to burn that amount of fuel in this boat in this period of time. He made it sound like he was offering a deal but it was not (he knows the fuel burn, not me). We burned less than 1/4 tank in 4 hours due to the no wake zones and making one stop. This amounted to at MOST 8 gallons. So we ended up paying about $16/gallon for fuel. When we asked about this at the end we were met with a "You accepted the offer so deal with it" attitude.
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A Google User
4 years ago
I agree with the other bad reviews here. I called Jay Ramirez a couple of times during the past two weeks and he tried to up sell me each time. I called today willing to buy 10 or 20 hours until I saw the complaints here. I called him back and instead of making me feel at ease when stating that I wanted to make sure I would get a clean boat and not hassles he said: "You sound like too much trouble". I decided to give them a second chance and called Wally at the marina, he was worse. He said do not worry, bring cash instead of a credit card and we will not charge you the taxes. I just have to wonder how many people lose their hard earned cash here. Typical Miami touristic robbing trap. They sound like scam artists. Be very VERY careful!
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A Google User
3 years ago
This was the most disappointing boating experience of my life (And I rent boats wherever I can in the world). Believe to all bad feedbacks on Google and be sure: You will loose you're money with captain joe in Miami! It is criminal! They blame you for scratches you just cannot do because you never stopped. They fake the GPS, and finally they charge you 400% more for gas you ever could spent in Miami because of the speed restrictions. I just cannot believe that some of the good comments are from real visitors. Every word written in the bad comments happened to me and my family on our Miami boat trip in 4 hours! Even worse. In the end I was afraid of the "Boss", which was getting real rough and loud. Calling me a liar! He is a liar. Be warned, you will loose your money on this criminal people. I'm closing now, because I loose my nerves thinking back to this. Read more from the 1-Star comments!
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A Google User
4 years ago
I started renting boats from capt joes about 2 yrs ago when my boat died. It has been great , back then they had about 7 boats know they have 12 ,and always updating with new boats. He now has a new unlimited package which i joined last month and it is awesome , i have a choice of any of the 12 boats .i look foward to taking the 29 ft racing cat again, i think this is the best value. i used to pay $450. just to dock my boat,plus repairs plus gas plus insurance plus the payment.Now i pay $300 month and i have a choice of 12 boats and best of all i never have to clean another boat. Juan
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