Last night I was going through my messages and cleaning them out and came across one from the girl who copies me that I was talking about in my status the other day. And, even though she had me blocked, it showed our mutual friends beside her name and I discovered that she once again be-friended someone off of my page that I got into a disagreement with, which is just strange. So, I decided that perhaps just sitting back ignoring her isn't the answer and that I needed to confront her. One of my friends offered to write her through her page and I agreed then we discovered that she was also blocked as our all of my other close friends! So, let me get this straight... this girls stalks me enough to know and befriend every single person I get into a disagreement with and who every single one of my close friends are yet she thinks that we are all the ones who need to be blocked? So, I decided that it was definitely something that needed to be confronted and used the only open path I had which was to contact my ex (her current husband) and ask him if there was something I could do to make it all stop. I've always said that I have no regrets and my past decisions and phases in life are what helped shaped me into who I am... But, oh, if I could go back and never meet him or her!
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