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Very true
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Jessica Clark-McDowell

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I thought you guys would appreciate this photobomb... I will often just randomly point my camera in a general direction and snap a picture to test the quality of the lighting so that I can adjust it. I did not see this man do this and was just going through the pictures and saw it and busted out laughing!
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lol- if we see another table at a restaurant taking a group shot that we are in the background of- we try to give thumbs up or cheesy grins behind them
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Man, I was doing so good... I haven't eaten much besides veggies and fruits in weeks and I've worked out every day for months. Plus, today, I had a really good work out then went for a walk then walked with my kids while they rode bikes... But, I started making dinner and had to stop in the middle to go to the store for necessities and the kids ended up convincing me to leave with twinkies and klondikes and then, the worst part, I actually ate 3 twinkies and a klondike within like 10 minutes!!! That's why I don't keep sweets in the house and I don't shop when I'm hungry!
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como  estas  mamasita
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Jessica Clark-McDowell

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Simply amazing
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Jessica Clark-McDowell

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I've been rebelling against make-up the past few days and surprisingly didn't feel the least bit self-conscious when I went out in public like I thought I would, lol
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While I know it is believed that this letter was circulating for a long time before it was attributed to Brad Pitt, that doesn't make the lesson any different just because the author is unkown... but, oh, if more men would realize that they are the leader and that they set the tone for their relationships! Long before this letter was circulating, there was a book of truth circulating that proved the same thing, "the woman is the reflection of her man." If you as a guy do not like the reflection, instead of trying to clean the mirror try looking into it!
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Jessica Clark-McDowell

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AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Mast Quito 
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Jessica Clark-McDowell

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The   #Alphabetcircles  Gene's Active Photographers on G+ circles.
Part Three: First Name H-K

Meet 370 more ACTIVE G+ photographers with First Names between
H and K.

It's that time again, I've been doing Spring Cleaning even though it isn't Spring officially yet here and going through my photography circles again to check out what folks have been sharing and see who is still active on G+.

I've visited each of the folks included in this circles within the last week and they have been active in the last month (or so) and regularly post their OWN photography.

They come from all over the world and their styles vary as much as their choice of equipment and subject matter.

There are a lot of folks in here that I've been friends with for years, but there are also a lot of newer folks who you've probably not met yet and who I am looking forward to getting to know better myself.

My Selection Criteria

1. Actively posting photos on G+ (usually within 30 days or so)
2. We circle each other
3. Primarily post their OWN photography (that's a judgement call on my part)
4. "Safe for work" (another judgement call)

Why you should follow them?

1. Add active photographers to your stream without a lot of inactive accounts.
2. Find some new folks to interact with who are ACTIVE on G+

As always.. if you do add them.. the best way to do that is to create a new circle and that way you can watch it and decide if they fit with you or not

Google has recently changed the circle add logic, so you can no longer search a shared circle to determine who is in it and only add people that you don't already share. This makes life harder for all of us.

Not in here?

1. Maybe we haven't met yet?  If so, I'd love to hear from you and I'll be sure to check out your stream. Be sure to circle me if you haven't as I check those who add me regularly.
2. Maybe you don't post public? If not, there is a good chance that you looked inactive to me.
3. Maybe you don't post "primarily" photography... once again that is subjective.

I love it when you share

Feel free to re-share the circle with your friends if you want, but there are NO "sharing" requirements to be in this circle.

The process continues

I'm slowly going through the rest of the Alphabet and as I complete each section I'll be sharing them in this series.  

If you follow along you can easily add 2000+ photographers to your stream too.

Gene Bowker
+Rusted Rail Images  

Here are the others in the series

Part One: A-C

Part Two: D-G
In this Circle:
Add people
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Ahahahahaha  #hilarious  
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Jessica Clark-McDowell

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Seriously, does anyone else have these kinds of conversations? ... Cory, "We could just cut through the floor joist." Me, "I'm not comfortable with that." Cory, "Aren't comfortable with what?" Me, "Cutting through the floor joist." Cory, "What isn't comfortable about it?" Me, "The cutting through part." Cory, "What do you mean?" Me, "I mean I'm not comfortable cutting through the floor joist!" Cory, "Can you explain yourself a little more?" Me, now a little angry and frustrated, "What else is there to explain? I'm not comfortable cutting through the floor joist! Isn't that self-explanatory?" Cory, "What part of it aren't you comfortable with?" ... I then just start ignoring because I refuse to get to the point of screaming any more. But, then we lie down for bed and guess what he says, "I'm sorry, I should've just picked better wording earlier and asked what about cutting through the floor joists that you weren't comfortable with to avoid upsetting you." Me, "I'm just going to go to sleep."
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It's probably a bad idea to cut through the floor joist.
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I'm a wife, mom, Christian author, public speaker, Biblical teacher, graphic designer, photographer, photo manipulator, digital painter, and I run a street ministry as well as a few other organizations and businesses. While I don't choose to noticeably watermark my pictures, I do attach invisible watermarks and all images are copy-written creative commons/non-commercial.
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    photographer, present
    While I don't choose to noticeably watermark my pictures, I do attach invisible watermarks and all images are copy-written creative commons/non-commercial.
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‎"I'd rather be attacked for speaking truth than embraced for being fake. I'd rather be hated for being real than loved for living a lie."
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