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Merry Christmas, 2013
Our teeny little table-top tree. The much more impressive tree at my parents' home, where we open gifts. From left to right, Rosie, Dash, me, Granddaddy Jim, Monkeyrotica Dash's favorite Christmas gift! Rosie's favorite Christmas gift! Dash's 2nd favorite g...

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Holiday Whirlwind!
Here are the results of our holiday whirlwind, with photos and video! Thursday, December 12th, 5:15 pm. Visitors' Day, Tap Class. Rosie's Advanced Tap Class had a "Visitor's Day." The class pretty much went on as it typically does, only parents are not allo...

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It all seems like fun and games until... THE HOLIDAYS
My parenting plan has been for each child to have one sport and one musical instrument in addition to school. Rosie has also shown an interest in the arts, performance and visual; Dash enjoys strategy games like chess. There are after- or before-school clas...

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Buying glasses online, just my experience
Rosie's misplaced glasses, last seen June-ish 2013; photo taken on Memorial Day '13. At the beginning of last summer, Rosie lost the pair of glasses that we had purchased the traditional way, through an optometrist's office and insurance. She had an eye exa...

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Rosie's wearing a scarf that I knitted her for her birthday! We picked out the hand-dyed yarn at Crafty Bastards at the end of September. Doesn't she look happy?

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Golden Hong Kong — weekend Dim Sum
The dim sum cart filled with hot dishes! We tried out a new dim sum restaurant in Springfield, Virginia this past Sunday and enjoyed the experience. Instead of repeating what's already been written, I give you an excerpt from Monkey's review (enhanced by my...

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NaBloPoMo, and Happy All Saint's Day
It's National Blog Posting Month again! I'll have to admit that I'm feeling pretty rusty at writing, but I'll plow into it. For Halloween this year, we went as a family to the elementary school's Halloween Fun Night. As usual, it was crowded and warm, but t...

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Just trying out this "Share on Google +" thing. How's it working? Pining for Reader shares already.

Keep up the barfing pumpkins, Kelly. They will never stop being ridiculous. :-)

Bizarre coincidence today. I found myself sitting next to the wife of my ex-boyfriend at Dash's karate practice. I heard the Sensei say her son's last name (because there are so many Jacks in class) and asked if she was related. Dunno what my face looked like when she said yes, because she asked, "are you having 'a moment'?"

Her husband was the last guy I dated before I met my husband, and apparently I was the last person he dated before meeting her. My head was spinning. We both have 8 year olds born in November... she and I are the same height and have the same hair color. Keep in mind this breakup was 20 years ago, and I've never had any contact with the ex since. Still shook me up a bit.

"Music is magical — it can change your mood from sad to happy!" – 6yo Dashiell, after witnessing me losing my $hit in the car, then turning on the radio and proceeding to sing along with a dippy pop song.
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