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More sleep would have been nice, but at least I have a new blog to show for it

In case anyone's watching, I've updated my website:

Took me a while getting it to this state... got some issues with Flickr API and need to make the photo display a lot nicer.

But hey, it's a start...

Woo, got my custom G+ URL,

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Just made my first ever post on the Powwownow blog (took me long enough)...

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Wow, I'd really love to go to Mexico... excellent article here :)

How far does your #GMail go back? 2004 for me; I dont have much to show for my decade online prior to that. #GmailEpoch

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...unless reversing of course :)

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This is a really clever advertisement. Make sure you choose an intelligent password. 

#Privacy   #FidoFriday  

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Fantastic news (it's the small things in life...) I never liked the respective Samsung and HTC calendars and wished I could install the stock Google one. Now I have done just that. :) #android  

Woah! Been away from G+ for a bit, come back to find this gorgeous redesign of the mobile app. Only one small niggling little problem: I can't read the text (white text with photo backgrounds). Hope this can be changed...
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