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Think Maya were right and the world will end tomorrow? Who knows, but 75% OFF JetBrains tools will. So get it today!
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Nice... but I bought my personal update license the first day of the release. I should have waited the end of the 30 days trial... 

Part of the team in the office are going to buy it today because I show them how awesome Intellij IDEA is (they are using community since 6 months).

Any chance of a partial refund for early adopters ?

Just ordered resharper c#. Cheers JetBrains .... And the Mayans ;)
I notice that your website is struggling under the load.  Normally not a big deal for me, except that now IDEA is freezing after a few minutes, and I need to do a Force Close each time.  I assume it's phoning home, and for some reason freezes the entire IDE when it fails to connect.

Assuming this theory is correct, is there a way to prevent it from doing this?
+Ian Clarke Auto-check for updates? Try turning them off under Preferences->Updates and see if it makes a difference.
+Roger Heim Actually it happened again :-/  This time I followed your suggestion, fingers crossed!
+IntelliJ IDEA Indeed, I wrote to sales, and they almost laughed at me: "this is the principal of all promotions". I expected at bit more when I saw you invited me to write to sales.

Early adopters, "Put your hands on your head and give me all your money".

Over a week ago, and still hating that I missed out on this deal
Sad to miss the offer completely. Can some one tell what was the offer price for IDEA upgrade?
25$ upgrade. nice price. it's a pity the world doesn't end every year :-)
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