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Robb Briggs

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Not really seeing the point of Google+ so far. Why is it superior?
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+Glen Kabumoto: Asking whether they're safer on one service or the other is like asking whether you'd rather be devoured by a lion or a tiger. If you really want those kinds of communications to be private, you won't even be using a social network like G+ or FB. Everything you put here is stored on servers you don't control; no matter what assurances they make, they might leak or get hacked (or later decide to change their policies). Relying on the arcane privacy settings of such sites to keep certain posts from being seen by certain people is just going to bite you in the ass in the long run.

That said, I trust Google to do a better job of giving us a site that does what we want, instead of us having to conform to whatever notions Zuck has about how a social networking site should work. I keep finding myself hoping that more and more people will migrate from FB to G+. Maybe they'll work out some kind of official cross-communication protocol, so that you end up with a feed you can manage and see from either side. More likely, people will rely on hacks and browser plugins to unify their feeds.
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Robb Briggs

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I guess I'm on google+ now. We'll see how this works.
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OMG! Another time suck for me.
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