Using Omnibox and the multiple search engines provided by Chrome, you can add a custom one for the ArchWiki (If it wasn't added automatically), just like the one in the picture bellow, with a nice and short keyword. In my case aw.

So now, each time I want to search something on the ArchWiki, I just go to the omnibox, type aw and then hit tab (or space) and the custom search engine switches temporarily to ArchWiki, allowing me to quickly search directly there and even takes me to the appropriate page if the term is accurate enough.

Now, I hope this gets Synced to the cloud with tho Chrome Sync feature and I'm completely happy.

For those of you that use Google Chrome, Chromium or something similar, I hope you find this useful.

// If you are wondering how the custom ArchWiki ended up in the top box, it's because I accidentally made it the default search engine.
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