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James Freeman
GP2U uses technology to bring the doctor to you
GP2U uses technology to bring the doctor to you

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How do I fix my insomnia?
Insomnia is a common and often frustrating problem. Part of the reason it's frustrating is that, unless an accurate diagnosis of the root cause(s) is made, treatments tend to be temporary band aid solutions and rapidly lose their effectiveness. Do you have ...

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Testosterone - should you be taking it?
There's an apocryphal story in medicine that goes like this: An eminent professor concluded his speech to the graduating class with the following comment: "Ladies and Gentlemen, 50% of everything we have taught you about medicine is wrong, the trouble is, a...

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GP2U - A Great Resource for the Disabled Community
One of the real rewards of being a doctor is getting this sort of feedback from patients..... I’ve utilised the GP2U service for a little over two years now and remain impressed by it’s advantages.  Prior to discovering this option, I had come to dislike ne...

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Is it possible that in our future health care system we won't need doctors?
Over on  LinkedIn   Kim Bellard posed the question, which got me to thinking about the answer..... Of course it's possible, however to make it happen consider the complexity of the AI required. In the course of a usual face to face medical consultation: The...

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Why I Consult Dr Google?
I asked one of our patients if we could share her story. Here it is in the words of her son..... My father, who was about 80 at the time,
was prescribed the wrong antibiotic by his GP and by the time the mistake was
discovered, he needed to be hospitalised ...
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