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Forget Me (Not)
At some point in time,
someone would come in your life and leave an indelible imprint. But why is it that
for me, this irreplaceable person, etched in my heart and mind, is always
someone who doesn’t love me, someone whom I can never have? However hard it i...

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CSR and Social Enterprise
 Refer to article Some people may get confused; aren't Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Social Enterprise essentially the same thing- a business pursuing a social change? But that's not true. Corporations with CSR organize social campaigns to brand...

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Going Crazy X Why I Bid Goodbye to Instagram
I am getting increasingly intolerant with  1) myself  2) family (or should I stay, the bunch of people who just lives under the same roof as me?)  3) Instagram  1. My emotions are a bit overwhelming for me recently. Something (trivial or not) triggers off t...

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Social Enterprise Goes Abroad
"Expanding overseas, whether that’s exporting existing goods or services, developing services for an international market or even social franchising or licensing with partners in other countries, can help many social enterprises deliver their main business ...

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爱的生存之道: 金句 X My Current Obsession
1.我们以前每次出去都是一大票人。 我都在想 来日方长,我一定会找到时间和机会跟她告白。 要怪只能怪我那时侯不够勇敢,一直以好朋友的名义在旁边偷偷喜欢她 偷偷看着她。 在喜欢的人面前,“好朋友”这三个字的确是一张最有掩护效果的面具。但这面具带久了,超难拨下来的。 2. 那种感觉就好像有东西压住你的心 然后连呼吸都喘不过来。 以前我只要见到她笑,我就觉得好幸福哦。但是现在我只要想到她的笑是因为别人,我就觉得好心酸。 3. 跟我分手,让他更珍惜别人。 难道人生就一定要这么多的无奈吗?他在我这边学会了遗憾 后悔 珍...

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I'm the fiercely independent girl who picks herself up quickly after every fall, but independence have become my shield or even my lifeboat!

To girls like me who think we do not need any man, you should read this article by Nikki Lizarondo, and my thoughts.

Can we really be alone forever?
What purpose does relationships serve for us?

#independent   #relationship #girl #alone   #love #blog  

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Thought Catalog: To The Girl Who Thinks She Can Be Alone Forever
"You are amazing, you know that, right? You are beautiful, strong, confident, carefree, passionate, and independent, which sets you apart from the conventional chic. You are no damsel in distress and definitely not a spoiled little princess. You choose to b...

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Stuck in a Little Red Dot
I've come to realize that if a trip is supposed to be fun, when you're too focused on taking pictures and selfies you kinda spoil the experience. But when the trips turns out to be a bore, you try to take more photos to at least have something to take back....

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How to Create a Bigger Social Change in the Community
organisations with ethical and often co-operative values at the core of their
business,   social enterprises   have a unique opportunity when it comes to
reaching local communities. Whether that's by involving
communities in ethical initiatives or consul...
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