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Better Mind ... Better Life
Better Mind ... Better Life

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What theme would you like to see in the next version of BrainWare cognitive skills development? As we get ready to embark on the next generation of BrainWare, we really want to know what all of our BrainWare fans (and future fans!) have to say about will engage them the most. Share your opinion at

Here is a link to a short video on cognitive skills that explains what they are and how they work together. Enjoy!

Last week, the world was all atwitter about "the dress." At the time, it may have seemed like much ado about very little. However, it turns out that the perception of color is much more complicated than the particular wavelengths of light that hit our retinas. The processing that happens in the primary visual cortex makes colors "relative" and can cause us to call a color something very different depending on its context. There is a wonderful example and explanation at

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Hi, just setting up our general BrainWare page....

We have published our Winter 2015 issue of the BrainWare Bulletin newsletter. In this issue you can find out about a tremendously success implementation of BrainWare SAFARI in the Huron Superior Catholic Schools (Ontario, Canada), learn about a cure for what we call Educational Indigestion, gain insights into what brain training is really all about, and explore how BrainWare SAFARI could be helpful for dyslexics.
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