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Musicians Shared Circle ...Thought I would share this circle I created at my personal profile (+Henry A. Otero) here at my "music business" profile.

There are big name artists included such as +The All-American Rejects +Britney Spears +Bruno Mars +Coldplay +Duran Duran +Elton John +Jason Mraz +Josh Groban +Justin Timberlake +Karmin +Lady Gaga +Madonna +MUSE +Pearl Jam +Sugarland +Taylor Swift +Train

However, this circle mostly consists of musicians like you and me that are currently active on G+ (atleast within the last month and a half ;) ENJOY!

#sharedcircles #sharedpubliccircles #music
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thank you very much +Hank Otero for the circle share looking forward for more circles
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