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Wayne Burke
I do stuff. You know, like run this non-profit and try to make government better. You know...
I do stuff. You know, like run this non-profit and try to make government better. You know...

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Heya all! Wanna give some feedback to the White House on their epetition site? Here's the blurb:

- So you want to have your say on how others have their say, huh?!?
- So you're more interested in process than subject matter.

Us, too.

The White House has actually asked us to provide a summary of the feedback we received on our UserVoice forum focused on the administration's petition site We The People. Problem is, they've made some changes and we want to make sure we're providing them with substantive input.

So if you care about democracy (that's a joke), you've got until the end of the week (13 Jan) to review the site ( and add your critiques, missing features, comments, and votes to the UserVoice forum ( We will take what you put up there, summarize it, and present it back to you at a webinar on January 18th. Based on the response from the webinar, we will finalize the document and ship it off to the White House.

And don't hesitate to keep adding things to the UserVoice forum after the 13th. We will keep monitoring it and keep the White House up to date on what's going on there.

We expect this to be just the beginning of an ongoing relationship where we (on the outside) can help them (on the inside) to build and run a tool that legitimately connects the U.S. President to the U.S. citizens. It's going to be just like the movies, folks!

Please help us get it off the ground.

Oh yeah! Who are we? AmericaSpeaks, the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD), the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2), the Deliberative Democracy Consortium (DDC), and the Open Forum Foundation.

The brain is a fascinating place and consciousness is not REALLY all that!

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Raspberries from our backyard right before Christmas? This is crazy (crazy delicious, that is)!

Very interesting article about the history of Xmas in early America -- turns out, it wasn't so popular!

The Legend of Zelda Rap - well done. If your geek enough, you'll love it!


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If you have any ideas, please let Steve know - this is a valuable resource for social media profiles in government.
Had to shut down the GovTwit directory last night. Looking for any/all ideas on how to bring it back!

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No baby yet, by we are hanging up diapers in preparation (the cloth ones need multiple washings to achieve maximum absorbency).
Dupont Circle, Washington, District of Columbia

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No baby yet, but we're already hanging up diapers in preparation!

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Everytime I hear this song, I also hear my dad's voice saying, "So today is just like every other day for you, huh?"

+1 if you know what I'm talking about.
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