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Anyone know of a free countdown timer that can be embedded in a Keynote presentation? I can create one with an animation (move a shape from one spot to another) but the maximum time for animations is 60 seconds. I need a 10 minute timer. Seems like there is a real gap for free countdown timers for Macs....

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Hey Macheads: In a moment of 'tidying up my computer" (NEVER recommended, btw), I went through Network Settings/ Network Services and deleted all the interfaces that I never use.

Well, of course I now have a third party 10/100 USB-Ethernet adaptor that I want to use, and the setting does not appear in my Network Services options, not even when I create a new location (recommended strategy by the Genii) or when I go to add a new interface.

Is there a place where I can wipe out a plist to have my MBA generate a fresh and complete set of potential network interfaces? Without having the option for a 10/100 USB-Ethernet interface show up, I can't even figure out how to install the driver for this third party item.

Whats a good public dropbox to collect videos? We're collecting short videos from people all over the world to make a farewell presentation to an employee, and I want a site where the average luddite can make a short 15 second movie (pretty much any format) and submit it. I don't want the submissions to be publicly viewable (like YouTube), and I don't want them to have to create some account somewhere (like a quiet little destination where they can submit their vids. From there, I'll access and process them into a presentation.

Just bought a refurbished HD for my server, all wrapped in plastic and sealed with hologram stickers and everything. Installed it, and its preloaded about 95% full of confidential data from Oracle. LOL

Can anyone recommend a good mind map/flowchart software for Macs that is locally hosted (rather than web-based)? Bonus if it has popups when you scroll over an element.

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Actually, Charles....I was the FIRST regular member! Shannon invited me the day he created this group, back on 5/13/2014! How's that for being an old timer? :-)

Here's a low-tech question. Before I upgraded to El Crapitan, I could insert letters with accents by holding down the english letter key...for example, holding down an 'e' would give me the choice of selecting e, é, è, ê, etc. But now it just types a bunch of e's. How do I get that functionality back? I use accents a LOT in my typing, and the new shortcut keys are no shortcuts at all.

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The new paradigm
Access to the digital realm in schools has gone through an evolution, although the stages in that evolution are not clearly bounded. A simple overview of this evolution might look like this: Computer Lab school (the school maintains a lab environment with d...

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Wordle lies

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