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Jj Starwalker
Traditionally trained hexeri, designer, artist, farmer, follower of Frigga.
Traditionally trained hexeri, designer, artist, farmer, follower of Frigga.

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Been busy here at hex central! Here are just a few of the signs that I have cut, painted and shipped recently... while waiting for spring to arrive sufficiently to get into the gardens! #hexsign #Pennsylvania
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The Day Without Women -- looking ahead
Tomorrow is International Women's Day and here in the USA, many are calling for "a day without women, a protest to highlight "the enormous value that women of all backgrounds add to our
socio-economic system—while receiving lower wages and experiencing

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This winter I became A Knitter
I am declaring this winter to be The Winter I Became A Knitter. Decided this last night, as I picked up my third WIP (that's "Work In Progress" for those of you who don't speak knitting acronyms any better than I do). I learned to knit as a girl, from my gr...

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Sustainability and the Weather
"It is infinitely more "sustainable," to use the currently popular buzz
word, to let life's activities revolve around the weather, rather than
to expect the weather to bend to mankind's activities." Me, February 15, 2017 If you live in the northlands -- o...

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Voting with your Wallet and Gowing Hope
It's a wild time out there in the larger world beyond the farm and My sign, center bottom, in display at local Women's March art show. Photo by Gibran Vogue Graham. hex central. Along with painting, growing fruits, vegetables, meat and eggs, this allegedly ...

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Icy Dark Rain Moon retrospective
Over the course of this year, I am working with a local group, and the Perennial Course in Living Druidry. No, I am not abandoning my path, or my Gods; I am walking with friends to learn and sync even more with the natural world around me. We observe and co...

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Of Pagans and protests: an easy balance
Local protest on Saturday, January 28, supporting the Water Protectors and against TD Bank, with its ties to the DAPL. I almost had myself double-booked Saturday. I planned to attend a meeting of a group of local Pagans for our first monthly gathering to di...

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The Revolution doesn't need clean underwear...
but... The past couple of weeks have been crazy. No, I am not talking politics. Not yet, anyway. Talking weather, mostly.  After the nor'easter that I wrote about early in the month, one might have expected more snow or at least cold temperatures, but -- cl...

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Making the best of it
turkey flock as of October, 2016 We are down to 4 turkeys now. Our second-in-line hen went missing some time back, one of the older young was Thanksgiving dinner and another is in the freezer. And today, one of the two youngest ones, both of them having bee...

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On Being Snowed In and Anonymous Helpers
As the nor'easter of Dec 29-30 started the weeds next to the deck took on a magical look. The month ended with real Northern weather, finally! Officially a nor'easter, the overnight storm brought winds out of the east to north and at least 8" of "good packi...
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