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A Battle Against Malwares & Hackers

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Cybercriminals Use NSA Exploits To Attack Servers
Cyber criminals are currently actively using the NSA exploits last week by the hacker group Shadow Brokers were made public to provide servers backdoors and possibly spreading ransomware. Let know several security researchers. Thus Double Pulsar tool found ...

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Stolen Passwords 272 Million Email Accounts Found
An American security company claims to have discovered the stolen usernames and passwords of 272 million email accounts. A large part relates to accounts of Russian mail service, let the company hold Security across news agency Reuters to know. How ...

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Humble Bundle Offers Collection Of Books On Hacking
Humble Bundle , a platform that offers all kinds of games and books at low prices, now offers a bundle of different hacking books too. It is about 13 DRM-free books from No Starch Press with a value of $ 366. The asking price of Humble Bundle is partly dete...

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German Government Launches Test Plan For Security Routers
In order to ensure that routers that individuals and small businesses purchase are safe, the Bundesamtes für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI), part of the German Ministry of the Interior, today a comprehensive test plan ( pdf ) launched broadband...

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UK Hospitals Receive 230,000 Euro Fine For Data Leak
A collective of UK hospitals has been fined more than 230,000 euros since it had placed the private information of staff inadvertently on its website. It was the national insurance number, date of birth, religion and sexual orientation of 6,500 employees. T...

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Anti-virus Again Caused Problems For Firefox Users
Mozilla has released an update to Firefox because anti-virus software again caused problems. Last week  Firefox 46 , where several security issues were resolved. Shortly after the release of this version Firefox users complained that they did not have websi...

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Opera Launches Browser With Built AdBlocker
The creators of Opera today a new version launched from the browser on a built AdBlocker features. According to the developers, ad blocking an important measure to make websites load faster and reduce memory consumption. Some popular websites would no ads 9...

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Google: Virustotal Not Intended To Compare Anti-Virus
VirusTotal is a popular service from Google that charge suspicious files can be scanned by dozens of virus, but to keep health service and to prevent abuse have now announced new rules and users are reminded of their responsibilities. According to Google Vi...

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Virus Crashes Medical Equipment During Heart Procedure
A medical system that monitors patients crashed during cardiac procedures because the virus carried a specified virus. Reported that the US regulator FDA . It concerns the Merge Hemo, a programmable diagnostic computer of Merge Healthcare. The system consis...

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Google Encrypts All Traffic To blogs On Blogspot
Google has decided to encrypt all traffic to the blogs on its own Blogspot blogging service. In September last year the Internet giant began offering the option for bloggers to activate it yourself. This option has now been removed and traffic to all blogs ...
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