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How Kanye West Could Have Won the World Over... But he Failed!

By now you know all about Kanye West at the 2015 Grammy Awards, right? I don't have to recap it do I? Good. With everything that has happened, I'm surprised no one has mentioned the biggest failure in the whole deal! If Kanye West would have played this right, he could have extended his fan base and redeemed himself from what he did at the 2009 MTV VMA's.

I've been watching countless talk shows and celebrities weigh in. We've heard from John Legend all the way to Brandon Browner of the Super Bowl 49 champion New England Patriots (GO PATS). I had the tele on The Talk today and the super awesome Taraji P. Henson comically talked about kicking Kanye in the shins if it were her. But what I learned the most about Kanye West is that his arrogance keeps him from building a stronger, more endearing brand.

Here's what I think Ye could have done to be the Comeback King of 2015:

After feigning a mic grab at the 2015 Grammy Awards while Beck was receiving his award, it looked like Mr. Westdashian had grown up a little bit and it was finally time to parody one of the main events that make the casual music/entertainment enthusiast kind of hate him. That was the aforementioned 2009 VMA mic snatch he did to international music darling Taylor Swift.

The first reports were a feel good story. Well played Kanye, well played. People loved that. It was funny and seemed perfect for repairing your image. The POTUS, from your own hometown called you a jackass on national TV for goodness sakes! That was the 2nd president you made hate you. That's a feat. So you were on the right track.

Then we all hear how he disparaged the Grammys and Beck with his "rant". Dude!!! Why did you have to open your big mouth? Why didn't Kim West plop one of her big titties in her husbands mouth as soon as he started talking? It would have done two things, the first thing is stop him from saying stupid things and it would have made for awesome pictures. The second is saved him from looking like the big baby that he really is.

If he does not make the statement, everyone would think Kanye West is awesome again. At least until he does his next interview and says something stupid.

Kanye West has spent years around Jay-Z. It's obvious that Shawn was never successful at showing Kanye how to politic. Or maybe he did and West's insolence is just so deeply embedded that he can't see how to flip the game to his own advantage. At least he's rich. Could you imagine a homeless version of that bastard asking you for a ham sandwich?

What do you think?

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I like these shoes. Whatsoever you think? +Nike #Killshot2

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Check out these insanely nice bags by +ROBERT MASON Co.

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Sometimes you gotta know when it's time to roll out. I think Oprah is gonna make that happen regardless. What would you do?

#Oprah #Boss #mansion

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Hey... I've been a booty man all of my life. Unfortunately here in the USA it was taboo for women to have curves. The goal was to look like Twiggy. Now the fad of backside has caught on and girls of all races are holdin. Who should they thank for this freedom?

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Ugly Boy Fresh is back and with new articles to boot! Check out the latest articles and feel free to comment.

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Rance Rants Funeral Selfies & Million Dollar Breast Milk in this latest episode. If you laugh, share this with your friends!

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Rance Rob rants about the industry loss of Paul Walker and why he quit Facebook! Spoiler Alert: Rance Rob kind of sounds like a jaded lover in this one! LOL #rancerob #uglyboyfresh #robthemoment #rancerants #vlogging

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Kendrick Lamar's CONTROL verse shocks the world. People are starting to say that Lamar has single handedly jumpstarted the rap game. What do say? Is there going to be a resurgence of good emceeing or are guys to sensitive now to get it going.

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